Romneyville residents live in tents and rely on food donations to eat: It looks like the proglodytes are finally tired of blaming a President that has been out of office for nearly four years and have switched to blaming a President that won’t actually be in office for some months yet. But don’t be fooled by the ABC Action News headline. If the video report is to be believed they’re augmenting the “donations” with food stamps. In other words they’re living up to their Flea Bagger credo of subsisting off of what they can steal from the middle class.

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Colon is clearly a nutcase. She says that her parents were offered (guaranteed) jobs for 30 years, yet she has been living in tent cities since she was a teen. She has a 16 year old son who was born in the tent. So, clearly she was not forced into the tents by society. It’s pretty likely that she was a teenage runaway, pregnant and Lord knows what other things she was doing. My guess is school was not a part of her life.

So now, she is unemployable. She has no education, no residence, and probably no credit or financial history for an employer to track. But she, who has thrown her life away, wants US to take care of her? And we will, because we are inherently kind. But we are not taking care of her to the degree that she feels entitled to? Go to H-E-double hockeysticks lady!

Get off your lazy butt and take advantage of the things that we already offer you to better yourself! Get an education! Get a job! Learn to make it on your own, and stop whining about how you have been shafted by the world. Or continue living the way you do, but shut up! Because no one wants to hear it except your buddies in your tent city who have also thrown away all of their opportunities!


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Not so silent

These must be the occupoopers who got kicked out of Obamaville when they started molesting each other and their animals…

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

And while these lazy slobs eat better then a struggling family of 4, and their so called leaders camp out in $400 a night motels I’m supposed to share their pain? Air drop a bunch of Employment Applications and watch how fast they scatter.


Given that this “romneyville” was a voluntary creation of these morons, who clearly don’t work, or thy wouldn’t have time to go fart around in Tampa, I have absolutely NO SYMPATHY! Besudes, it sounds like their bathing procedures are 1) running up the water bill for the surplus store and 2) Wasting enormous amounts of water. If you use 1 gallon to wet, then sopa up all over, use another 1-2 gallons to rinse, there shouldn’t BE gallonms of water for each shower!


WTF people, what exactly are you protesting? Who are you protesting to?


I have no idea but their message is that they are “organized”…for what exactly, I’m not sure…washing dishes perhaps?


So smelly Tara Cologne (bahahaha) has been living in tents half her life but she is protesting Romney? Some 300 stinky welfare recipients are protesting Romney? Good grief liberals are idiots


Wastin away again in Romneyville
Searching for my lost bong full of pot
Some people claim that there’s an Obama to blame
But I know it’s everybobody else’s fault……


Better watch it, old Jimmy may sue you for mangling his song so badly. (teehee) Myself, I think it’s funny as hell!

Elrond Hubbard

There’s a strong odor of bullshit in this story. If you Google Tara Colon (who is quoted extensively) you’ll see she’s worked since 1995 for the Poor People’s Economic Human Rights Campaign, located in Philadelphia. The PPEHRC is part of the far left Green Party but I wouldn’t be surprised if the DNC was involved too, at least financially.

Jacqueline Ingles, the reporter who wrote the story, is completely sympathetic to the tenters and she never bothers asking why the camp is called “Romneyville” rather than “Obamatown”. Obama, you know, the guy who’s been President the past four years.