“Palin’s talking to people who don’t read newspapers or watch serious TV shows like mine”

by editor on February 9, 2011

Damn, it must be painful to be a Chris Matthews guest and have to sit there listening to his inane comments without rolling your eyes. Republican strategist Ron Christie was Monday night’s victim as Matthews explained not only how stupid Sarah Palin’s supporters are, but how intelligent his viewers are.

Both of them.

Matthews: Okay, do you know what I think she’s doing? Hey Ron…
Ron Christie: Yeah.
Matthews: …think about this, because I respect you. Do you know what I think she’s doing? I don’t think she is a thoughtful politician. I think she’s talking to people who don’t read newspapers, don’t pay attention to serious television broadcasts, whether the Lehrer Hour or anything like it or even this program, don’t pay attention to anything that’s even in the middle, who don’t have any effort at all to learn anything, believe her when she says they’re keeping the truth from us when the people who believe her are making absolutely no effort to find out what the truth is. So they’re willing to believe it’s somebody else’s fault. She’s in an interesting little game she plays with people.

We believe that Christie’s career as a Republican strategist is over. How can he ever overcome the fact that he’s respected by Chris Matthews?

H/T: NewsBusters.org

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Douchebag Matthews understands seriousness and civility like a spoon understands the taste of food.

LA Sunset

I just wonder, how can Hardball be classified as an interview show?

To have an interview show, you must have a host that asks questions and lets the interviewees answer. In this case, we have a host who asks the questions and then interrupts the answers. Or when their answer isn’t what he likes, he refuses to let them answer them at all.


A Chris Matthews interview usually consists of the following…

Matthews sets up the topic…

He then askes the question…

He then interupts the guest, talks over the guest…

He then has the guest comment on what he was’nt allowed to answer…

Rinse & repeat.

You see this night after night, week after week, month after month, & year after year. The people have seen this act, & they don’t tune in. So why does anyone continue to sign his paycheck? He will never go any higher then he is now, & that ain’t that high. His time will come.


Sooner or later they HAVE to include a laugh track.


Gern Blanston

One of Chrissy’s finest moments…


matthew s harrison

If i am interpreting the Matthews quote properly, he claims his show is “in the middle”. I am sorry, but that guy is so freaking far left, he makes Stalin look like Carlos Slim!
I love the lunacy of the left. It is so rich, and provides me with so much levity!


Sorry to say, Mathews is right- I was ashamed to find out that the Panama Canal was in Egypt


Did I miss something? I thought the Suez Canal was in Panama. So much for my pubic skool edukations.


‘Smart People’ sure say and do quite a lot of stupid things.

Is that a sign of super intelligence now?


Matthews has Palinile envy.


Are you saying he won’t stand……. for Palin? He probably prefers the company of men, like Madcow and Moochell.


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Liberals HATE it when you ignore them.



What’s not to ignore?


“Liberals HATE it when you ignore them.”

And they hate it even worse when you put them over your knee and give them a good spanking!


If Matthews is correct, then what I am doing here at IHTM.com everyday?

Chris, you’d be a putz if you had a putz!


More people listen to Palin on bad day for her than 100,000 Xs than Chrissy Fit gets on his best day. Oh women and their jealousies…..


LOLOL I didnt know he was a comedian… wait… he is being serious? That is even funnier.

Pittsburgh Z

He’s so out there that it is getting funny(sad).

Does he really think that the majority of people who voted for Obama all read the NYT and watch his show? That is funny!