Sen. Rand Paul: State of the Union Response. “President Obama believes government is the solution: More government, more taxes, more debt,” Paul said. “What the president fails to grasp is that the American system that rewards hard work is what made America so prosperous.” BTW, the “legitimate” media didn’t see fit to broadcast it. Shocking.

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Senator Paul is an up and coming force. He has made those if us here in the Commonwealth of Kentucky very proud. He’s not afraid to take on the establishment of either party. Now if we could only get the “Lets Make a Deal” McConnel to understand that standing up and challenging the other side is just fine, we might be able to derail much of if not all if der leaders crap.

Missile Command

ABC/CBS/NBC/CNN/PBS/MSNBC joint producers meeting, just after SOTU addresses, to coordinate “coverage” (haze of reefer smoke hangs in the air):

CNN guy: Dudes, we CAN’T air stuff like this Rand Paul. People might get confused. Get the idea that our party and Obama are full of BS.
ABC guy: Don’t say our party, dude! We are supposed to be non-partisan.
CNN guy: Oh, sorry dude. Forgot.
PBS lady: We already told them the Tea party is dead. How can we explain this?
NBC lady: Even editing wouldn’t ‘modify’ this message sufficiently.
MSNBC: Well, if this gets out it will make all of us look like idiots. We need to simply ignore this as a non-news. Agreed?
All nod and mumble in agreement.
CBS guy: Now dudes, more importantly, how do we report how extra great the President’s speech was this time?


It’s to bad the majority of the American people will never hear this message. Hopefully they hear it 3 1/2 or so years from now. I don’t know what the field will look like, but I’m not sold on Rubio, and Ryan wasn’t serious enough, imho, about cutting spending. They only way to cut spending is to cut spending now, not 10 or 20 or 30 years in the future.


Well, if they run Biden, the Republicans can always run Howdy Doodie and win.


After Obama, any Democrat that runs will have a hard time. The media have put his guy on such a high pedestal, that no one will be able to match him. Our president is not a politician, he’s a celebrity with mad community organizing skills. He’s like Angelina Jolie in some third world country. In 2016 when we have two politicians running against each other and our country is in shambles, the media will not be able to raise that democrat to celebrity status like they have Obama. Then if the republicans actually nominate someone like Rand… I can see good things happening. (Although, as I’ve stated before, I fear the MSM will be so embolden by their Obama success that if a republican is elected president next election their attacks on Bush will look amateurish compared to their attacks on that president. Hopefully a strong candidate and a semi-awake populace can counter that)

But ya, let’s hope Biden gets the nod, and he’s not running against Mittens. We don’t need the republicans running Howdy Doodie again.


the Republicans can always run Howdy Doodie

So, in other words, a repeat of the last 2 elections.


But did you guys catch who actually “listened” to Rubio’s rebuttal and is already sounding the alarms to his fellow progs?

“Van Jones Warns Dems About ‘Dangerous’ Marco Rubio: He Is ‘To The Heart What Paul Ryan Is To The Head’”

Yes, that Van Jones. Fascinating take.