Sports Illustrated used PhotoShop to remove “natural” beauty’s tattoos

by editor on February 20, 2009

FHM/Sports Illustrated

FHM/Sports Illustrated

For god’s sake, man, is there no morality left in the world? Now Sports Illustrated has admitted that its swimsuit issue actually included models who had been (gasp) enhanced with PhotoShop.

This is such shocking news, such a remarkable revelation, that we must pause to gather our senses about us.

OK, we’re back.

This is truly investigative reporting at its finest. Reporters demanded to know if it were true that tats had been removed from Indy driver Danica Patrick’s lower back. In a real Perry Mason moment, the SI spokesperson ‘fessed up and admitted that, yes, Patrick had been “cleaned up” with a little PhotoShop work. He called it “natural beauty.”

Why, next thing you know, some lunatic will try to tell us that these girls have had boob jobs.

But we’re not buying it. Because we know natural beauty when we see it.

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She gets all temper trantums on the job and she seems really spoilt on a lot of interviews and entitled. I don’t particularly care for her that much.


“tramp stamp” is the term they use.


That and ‘tribal tats’ for that weird sh*t no one can decipher. Tattoos on women as they age just look nasty…like you’ve been rode hard and hung up wet. Ugh.

SNL did a hilarious skit on the subject…something like ‘Dr. Feelgood’s Tattoo Remover’…way too funny!


I dont want to misjudge people with tattoos but I have to agree. I feel the same for women and men with tattoos. As people age it just looks icky and hard life type of people. It is kind gross TO ME. I don’t find that attractive at all.

oc madam

Women drivers kick butt! I like the tat too, makes her look like the rest of us.


Yeah, like people look at the SI swimsuit issue for the tattoos.