Survey says Washington DC is only place in America where most people think the economy is improving

by editor on August 25, 2011

It’s just a guess on our part, but we suspect that someone is slipping hallucinogens into the waters of the Potomac River. That’s the only reasonable explanation for this story.


Just close your eyes and cover your ears and repeat after Barack Obama: "Things are getting better! Things are getting better! Things are getting better!"

CNS News has the details:

Only in Washington, D.C.— home of a federal government that has dramatically increased its spending as a share of the U.S. economy over the last three years—did a majority of the people say they believe the economy was getting better not worse in the first half of this year, according to a survey released today by Gallup.

In not one state did more than 41 percent of those surveyed tell Gallup they believed the economy was getting better.

From January through June, Gallup asked 87,634 American adults in all 50 states and the District of Columbia this question: “Right now, do you think the economic conditions in the country are getting better or getting worse?”

In D.C., 60 percent said the economy was getting better and 31 percent said it was getting worse.

Nowhere else in the nation did the majority think the economy was getting better. Nowhere.

Even in neighboring Maryland, where lots of excess federal government dollars lap up along the shores of Chesapeake, only 41% think things are getting better while 52% think they’re getting worse.

And in Virginia, the other neighbor that benefits from the flood of federal employment gushing out of Washington DC, 40% said things are improving while 55% laughed their asses off when they heard the question.

Wait. We’ve come up with another reasonable explanation. The regime has banned all radio, television and internet access in the nation’s capital and its residents are now getting all their news from the Washington Post.

Source: CNS News

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In D.C., 60 percent said the economy was getting better and 31 percent said it was getting worse.

That can easily be explained.
In D.C. 1/2 of the 60% are new government employees. The other half are welfare recipients. The 31% that said it was getting worse are real, hard working, Americans that aren’t on the dole, aren’t in unions, and are in fear for their jobs.


Is there doubt in anyone’s mind that the D.C stands for Decidedly Crazy?

Elrond Hubbard

Surprised? Not really, the Donks have controlled D.C. politics, media, culture and the party circuit for the past 50 years, it’s still Camelot in Foggy Bottom. Also, the vast majority of people living in D.C. are either well to do federal employees (there’s tons of Grade 14s and 15s living there) or those living on the federal welfare dime. Obama’s spending spree has benefitted both classes immensely. Too, if you’re a businessman who owns a trendy restaurant, art gallery or botique things are just booming. We’re swimming in a sea of red ink but the citizens D.C. live on a tropic isle.


The Bard was wrong. First, we should kill the bureaucrats.


I wonder which half of D.C was actually polled, the rich half, or the poor half? Oh nevermind, the poor half lives off the welfare given by the rich half, in this case its no wonder why it was 60%.

Joe Redfield

All the more reason not to let DC residents vote in Federal eleections.


Nobody on welfare should vote, it’s a conflict of interest. It’s also why public sector unions should be illegal.




Even FDR was opposed to public sector unions.


Why shouldn’t the Washington, D.C. economy be getting better while the states economies are getting worse? Those scum-sucking pork-eating scoundrels in Washington are bleeding the rest of the country dry!


I agree with what you say but I think you are way too complimentary when referring to the Washington sleazebags.


I’m still staring at the Iceland babes.