Tax-dodging John Kerry’s new $7,000,000 yacht was built overseas

by editor on July 27, 2010

john kerry yacht isabel

The very patriotic John Kerry flies the American flag on his New Zealand-built yacht

The flotsam that was once John Kerry’s liberal reputation is washing away with every detail that comes out about his luxurious new $7,000,000 yacht. Now, at a time when New England shipyards are suffering depression-like conditions, Kerry had his yacht built in New Zealand.

The Boston Herald, Kerry’s hometown newspaper, has the details:

“Darn, that would have been a wonderful job for a Maine builder,” said Jane Wellehan, president of the trade group Maine Built Boats. “If someone comes to build a $7 million boat that would employ half the population of some towns for a year or two. Boat building is such a critical component of our coastal economy.”

Gregory Egan, who owns the Crosby Yacht Yard in Osterville, said Bay State boat builders must feel cut adrift by Kerry as well.

“I’m confident that anything constructed in New Zealand could be constructed here in the state,” he said. “From a political perspective, it seems to me he could have thought twice about that one.”

News that Kerry was docking the 76-foot custom-built sloop in Newport, R.I., was first reported in the Herald Friday. Sources told the Herald the yacht cost $7 million, meaning Kerry would owe the state more than $500,000 in excise and sales taxes.

The Isabel has two VIP main cabins, a glossy teak interior and a wet bar and wine storage in the pilothouse. It is billed as a “departure from the norm in the opulent world of yachting” and designed to be piloted without a crew.

With the nation enduring a nasty economy, painful joblessness and extreme belt-tightening, word of the luxury yacht’s foreign construction – as Americans yearn for work – could create a political tempest for Kerry.

“The message is, ‘The American boat builders aren’t good enough, and the Massachusetts people aren’t good enough to maintain it.’ It’s just a bad message all around,” said Connecticut boater Steve Potter, who docks in Charlestown.

In Kerry’s defense, he did attempt to make it up to American ship builders last week by voting to extend their unemployment benefits.


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Isn’t his wife’s name Theresa? Who the heck is Isabel?


prolly his bitch of a mother


I congratulate whoever broke this story. This is disgusting. He really was not thinking of anyone but himself. Socialist one others to care about others, they dont want to care about others themselves.


KQ, Always remember that socialism is for the people, not the socialist. They never want to live by the rules they want to impose on the masses.

Pittsburgh Z

Of course it was…..the Dums have probably put all our yacht builders out of business with their stupid-ass taxes and regulations.


ANYBODY can build anything, anywhere they wish to. These people building things will avoid or leave places where taxation strangles their ability to operate. Leftist liberal/progressive/marxist idiots will never understand that, most of them anyways.


John Kerry does not realize how big of a joke he is. He does not understand how he is viewed for saying the things he says, his voting record in Congress, & how he actually lives his life. He either does’nt know, does’nt care, or has his head jammed so far up his ass that nothing matters. It might be all 3.

Thank you to the people of the Bay State for imposing this assclown on America every time you vote for this guy.


extending their unemployment benefit USING OTHER PPL’s MONEY. Once again these rich Liberal show us their compassion with money that don’t belong to them