The GOPe has screwed the pooch. This has to be the strangest election in United States history.  Forget Hillary and Bernie, let’s focus on the Republican Party.

The GOPe have turned the 2016 election into a gigantic quagmire that’s degenerating daily. They resemble the Keystone Cops, running amok and clueless about what to do next.

We don’t’ know what GOPe leadership thinks about, but it’s obvious they’ve been pretty much wrong since at least 2008, desperation and chaos now prevail. The only thing they’ve accomplished is aiding and abetting the creation of an elephantine (pun intended) rift in the party.

The GOPe keeps trying to revisit their success of two wins with Bush 43 and they’re not having any luck. They pushed McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 (who both lost to Obama) and they’re now sputtering and stammering after JEB suspended his campaign and Super Tuesday’s seeming anointment of Trump by the Republican masses they refuse to acknowledge.

JEB Bush was their designated driver, the guy who was going to save the GOPe’s ass. They wasted a lot of time and over $100 million dollars until they finally slammed on the brakes in the realization JEB isn’t the golden boy.

To this we say duh! JEB comes off like Mr. Rogers and doesn’t even begin to orate like POTUS material. Moreover, there are plenty of Republicans and independent voters who feel two Bush’s in the White House were more than enough and never want to see a Bush in there again. This appears bad juju the GOPe should have been well aware of long ago but chose to ignore.

The GOPe are now terrified because they’re looking at the high probability that Donald Trump will be our next POTUS. Like Frankenstein’s Monster, they created the conditions that brought him to life and now they can’t control him.

With JEB gone the now panicked GOPe started pushing Marco Rubio as the Plan B guy who was going to save the GOP, an idea that didn’t last very long. Due to Trump’s wins on Super Tuesday it quickly materialized that Marco Rubio is not the savior guy as he only won Minnesota. Today he won Puerto Rico but that’s too little too late.

The GOPe have no choice now but Plan C. Plan C may be Ted Cruz as we see some, including Lindsay Graham, are now talking about the GOPe backing him, something they probably should have done at the very beginning instead of placing all their bets on JEB.

One website is claiming Romney has secretly registered to run in the election with Paul Ryan has his Vice President. This could be an indication that Plan C may be to run Romney again, but without further confirmation who knows? Thus far Romney maintains he’s not running.

While a successful businessman in his own right, Romney doesn’t garner much political respect in many circles after losing the 2012 election.  He puked out and wouldn’t get agressive. He apparently figured he’d get elected because he’s such a nice guy something – something. Then he about disappeared off the map before the election, handing the win to Obama.

Now it’s 2016 Mitt has seemingly found his political balls. So what does he do when he finds them? He attacks Trump, calls him all sorts of things, alleges his income tax returns may have problems and gives a left-handed endorsement of Cruz and Rubio and even (gasp!) Kasich. AKA the new GOPe chant of ‘anybody but Trump!’

His speech is seen by many and us (Trump fans or not) as sour grapes and one can smell the GOPe’s desperation. The result is the speech has only served to further alienate Trump fans and others and has probably increased Trump’s popularity. Violating Reagan’s 11th Commandment can obviously have painful consequences.

The GOPe may still have a very short window to throw everything including the kitchen sink into a Ted Cruz or Marco Rubio campaign and beat Trump fair and square (in a sleazy kind of political way). Again, we don’t think Marco can pull it off with the voters as he’s too far behind on delegates. Cruz at 300 delegates, is not that far behind Trump’s 384 and there’s that thing called time.

If they can’t get Cruz in with the voters it appears their only choice is to have a brokered convention and attempt to knock Trump out of the ballpark by getting Cruz or Rubio in. The longshot would be they somehow gerrymander Romney in, if he runs. If they do knock Trump out, we expect he will burn the pledge he signed and run 3rd party taking a lot of votes with him.

Regardless who ends up being the candidate, the GOPe will have problems. They’ve created a situation where no one seems willing to vote for anyone but their own guy and if their guy isn’t the GOP candidate they’ll either stay home or write in their guy’s name, probably resulting in Hillary as POTUS. They also need to come to the realization that just about the entire Republican Party has little or no respect for them and start grovelling for forgiveness.

If they’re going to go after Trump, the Romney-type speeches and specious attack ads aren’t going to make it. We all see that every time someone disses Trump it turns into a positive for him. They need to stop slinging mud at Trump and start putting out positives about their Plan C candidate, not to mention throwing every dollar they can into the election of their Plan C guy. If they can’t unite enough people then the Republican Party could end up going extinct. Or perhaps they should back Trump and bet he’ll be better than Hillary.

Like President Abraham Lincoln said “A house divided cannot stand,” which is paramount advice to the entire GOP in this election year.


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The thing is if the GOPe goes with their way or the highway (Thad Cockran anybody) they will lose the senate and quite possibly the HOR. Don’t be surprised to seea large majority of state house and governorships flip democrat too. They will play dirty against their base but never against the donks. Those almost 50% of the party that nationally want Trump will not show up. We are not going to take it anymore. Or far worse is we do show up and vote donk against the leadership.

The Whig party became no more because of their refusal to listen to their base about slavery. The republican party will become no more over illegal immigration, spending, and being democrats in all but label only.


GOPe and leadership are oxymoronic terms.


GOPe and leadership are moronic terms.

There, fixed it for you.


OK, I just came across this:

Jim Geraghty’s Article on Ted Cruz’s work during the Bush Administration
Posted by Carl M. Zapffe on March 6, 2016 at 4:34pm

Jim Geraghty of the National Review has published an interesting column on the work that Ted Cruz did for the Bush (“W”) administration. Other than his support for now Chief Justice John Roberts, which is currently widely criticized after the CJ of SCOTUS turned tail on his former conservative background. Of course, this is now used by the liberal media as a biased cudgel to undermine the conservative bonafides of Cruz.

Little is mentioned of Cruz during those years, which has the appearance of presuming that he fell off a turnip truck and was somehow elected Senator from Texas much like our current President, who was lauded at the time (on MSNBC and other outlets) for his work as a “community organizer.” The liberal implication being that Cruz is just another first term senator with a thin resumé.

This article proves beyond doubt that he is not. Read it and learn of the interesting work that Cruz did while he was with the FTC. As Geraghty headlines under the title, his conservative philosophy was put into practice then and provides a great insight as to how he would run the country as our President.


Here’s the article Zapffe referred to:


They are just as terrified of a Cruz Presidency. They can’t control him.


The GOP did not create the Trump phenomenon alone. The myth of the two-party system has been laid bare for all to see. The destruction of the middle class at the hands of Washington DC in total is what gave us Donald Trump. People from all political angles are supporting him because he is the only candidate who has addressed what concerns a huge percentage of voters (and he has energized many who have never voted). This isn’t rocket science. A new coalition has formed, and it is healthy for the country despite it being like watching a train wreck.

Trump may be an ass and a boor, but he is also a genius. He has played the media and the DC establishment perfectly. He enriches the media while they savage him, and he only gets more popular. Amazing.


Well done Co2. Thanks.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

It’s like watching a bunch of hogs jostling over who gets to the slop trough first. They’re all shitting their pants because they’re afraid anyone but their “anointed” one is going to cut off their free shit.

Dave K

This is pretty much spot freaking on.


Wow. That was quite a performance.

Dave K

They made their bed, period. The people got sick of the way things were going so 0bama won against the crusty dinosaur.

Then the people gave them back the House in 2010, whereupon they broke every promise they made and kissed 0bama’s ass, basically capitulating to him.

Then they trot out limp dick Mittens in 2012 and even though they won back the Senate to go along with the House, he couldn’t pull off the W and even with majorities in both houses of Congress, they continued to do jack shit and kiss 0bama’s ass. The GOPe is just as out of touch with the people as the idiot liberals and people aren’t buying what they’re selling anymore.

I don’t really care for Trump but at least he’s dropped the PC BS. Do I buy everything he’s selling? Nah. However, you know exactly what you’re going to get with Cruz, Romney, *insert random RINO* here, Hilliary and crazy uncle Bernie and that is fvcked in the a$$. After the last twenty years, the only difference between them is the letter next to their name.


Can’t figure out why you would lump Cruz in with Romney and the RINOs. Seriously? There’s only one guy in the race who has actually walked the walk against the RINOs and they hate him for it: Cruz. Trump even used that as a campaign prop: “They hate him!” Like that’s a bad thing. Meanwhile Trump is all over the place talking about how he’ll work with Democrats and RINOs.

I think if the RINOs wanted Cruz, they would have already made Rubio and Kasich leave the race. Rubio is their puppet. He’s in to stop Cruz, not Trump, IMO.


I can guess why Cruz gets lumped in with RINOS
1. He lied about Supreme Appointments (both historically and Trumps suggestions)
2. The rumor about Carson in Iowa
3. Corker Bill
4. He claims to have liquidated his entire net worth to run
5. Glenn Beck
6. Dishonest about Trump and single payer
7. Jeff Roe
8. If we awaken and energize he body of Christ….(thats where he lost me for the most part)

just to name a few. Trump was not ever held to such a high standard that Cruz tried to hold himself to. Fact is he, like Obama, is just a jr Senator with lofty goals. Unlike Obama, instead of being likeable he thought being a tough guy was the ticket. Why do you think Trump nails him as a liar all the time? Because thats what Cruz did on the floor to McConnel. Another thing that always made me cringe was his fake filibuster. He proved he knew how to play people.


The only thing I could find about Ted Cruz lied about Supreme Appointments was from the daily KOS, so I doubt the veracity of that.

The rumor about Carson in Iowa.

He had nothing to do with that, and he ended up firing the guy that spread the CNN story. Remember CNN RELEASED THAT STORY, NOT CRUZ!!!

He claims to have liquidated his entire net worth to run

So? Not exactly a felony, like Hillary has committed.

Glenn Beck

So, because someone supports him, he’s not worthy of your vote? Then why do you like Trump? Louis Farrakhan supports him!

Dishonest about Trump and single payer

Trump is on video saying he wants to have the government pay the bill for healthcare.

Jeff Roe

As I said before, Ted fired him.


Cruz -“We have 80 years of precedent of not confirming Supreme Court justices in an election year.” 100% not true

Carson, we believe what we want to. He did apologize and no he didnt fire anyone over that.

He didn’t liquify assets. He simply lied. He got loans, why pretend otherwise?

I never said he’s not worthy of votes for Glen Beck, simply many conservatives were turned off by his endorsement and double billing.

Single payer. Half truths, but thats also a personal choice of what to believe. I’ll go with what he has posted as far as the campaign goes…..Completely repeal Obamacare. Our elected representatives must eliminate the individual mandate. No person should be required to buy insurance unless he or she wants to.

He never fired Jeff Roe. He fired Rick Tyler over a Rubio bible mess.


Cruz didn’t come up with that one, he just repeated what he heard:

“Not since 1932 has the Senate confirmed in a presidential election year a Supreme Court nominee to a vacancy arising in that year. And it is necessary to go even further back — to 1888 — in order to find an election year nominee who was nominated and confirmed under divided government, as we have now.”

—from a letter signed by Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee, Feb. 23, 2016

However, it wasn’t 80 years, but “only” 60 years:

But this actually also took place just 60 years ago—in 1956, when Dwight Eisenhower, a Republican, was president and the Senate was held by Democrats.


Sure, has just repeating someone else, so was Rubio.

Reagan appointed Kennedy in 1987 and he was confirmed in 1988 .

The self proclaimed “Constitutional Conservative Reagan Republican” knows this. Do you suppose he thinks Reagan should have skipped that nomination?

He knows he’ll get a pass from his hard core supports and he knows others will trust him.


But, you people keep trying to pin other people’s creations on Cruz. That is disingenuous at best.


Cruz didn’t say it? I knew the minute Rubio said it it was wrong, that Cruz repeated it too was pathetic. Has he corrected the “error” Had he taken back the farce that an election year nomination is unheard of?

Giving cover by being blindly loyal is even worse.

Dave K

His wife works for Goldman Sachs, took a “leave of absence” when he started campaigning. That’s all you need to know.


That is a good speech.
The GOPe can’t get enough interest in their Plan B candidate for him to win his home state, so they have to try the dirty tricks, which won’t work either.
The only problem is that their Plan C candidate is the only one that can garner any real interest, but they hate him so much that they would rather try to broker the convention, and risk pissing off everyone.


They are going to go down in history as the party that was so busy slapping and punching each other like the 3 Stooges that they actually let Hillary zoom past them.


The Republicans are not even a real party. They are like the fake basketball team that allows the Harlem Globetrotters to win.