Three cheers for John David Dyche. The Louisville Courier-Journal columnist resigned because he wrote a piece about the newspaper’s liberal bias and they refused to print it. Remember “The Emperor’s New Clothes?” All it takes is one person pointing a finger and speaking the truth to embarrass the naked bastards.

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Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

Another prime example of the party of tolerance in action. Herr Goebbels would be proud I’m sure. Once again it’s time to allow the people to fix this issue with their wallets.


I sincerely hope there is a massive subscription and advertising cancellations. That is if there is anyone left reading this CJ asswipe.


And newspapers wonder why the circulation is diminishing – not everyone shares the same point of view – thank heavens! Journalism schools are full of leftist professors and look what they turn out. Tis sad!


He has a future at FOX or Town Hall or Newsmax, someplace like these, but I’m with KW Willy: he should have stayed and duked it out. We need his kind in there fighting.


He stood on his principles and will land on his feet. The CJ is this commonwealths largest paper and the editors as well as the owner hate being proven wrong.

KW Willy

A GREAT BIG, “ATTA BOY!” to him but wrong move. We need more like him at newspapers and tv stations not in unemployment lines. He carries the word and he is in the minority for his beliefs. Now he will be replaced by a liberal, too bad.


And once again the MSM has stifled dissent.