Tom Coburn’s blunt assessment of 2012 budget negotiations: “Send me some senators with gonads.”

by editor on April 14, 2011

In The Wizard of Oz, the scarecrow wanted a brain, the Tin Man wanted a heart and the Cowardly Lion wanted courage. In the U.S. Senate, Oklahoma Republican Tom Coburn is looking for something far more difficult to find:

Senators with balls.

In this clip syndicated radio talker Hugh Hewitt talks to Coburn about the problems he faces in 2012 budget negotiations.

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mitchell palmer

WE need the HERMANATOR (Herman Cain) The media or the GOP wont even mention his name. Pass the word around after you check him out yourself


I really like Herman Cain and the more I hear from him the better he sounds! I would much rather vote a Cain/Palin, or Cain/Bachmann, or Cain/West, or Cain/Keyes ticket than anything with Trump/… on it! Sorry about hurting the feelings of all you Trump fans out there, but Trump has some real issues he needs to explain before I can even think of considering him for any serious national position, let alone POTUS.


You’re not hurting my feelings a bit with what you’re saying, Hisham. I’d love the chance to vote for any of the tickets you mention. The only reason I like Trump getting involved is because he brings up the issues the others don’t want to talk about. Once he stirs things up, I’m hoping he backs out.


I’m telling you guys, we’re going to have to get behind the women like Palin and Bachmann, at least they have balls and they are truly conservative and constitutional! I’m with you Navyvet, I’m tired as hell putting my hopes on long shot, dark horse geldings!


Amen hisham, so far they are about the only ones we see that are not afraid to show a little nad.

The Obumbly Obomster

Well, there’s the Ryans……and that’s about it.


Not only does Colburn want some senators with nads, SO DO WE! And what is coming out for President. Mitt Romney (gelding) and Tim Pawlenty (gelding). We need to promote whomever the media viciously attacks….that wont be Mitt or Tim, at least until they become the nominee.


Nice equine terminology there navyvet, I like that. Plus the Triple Crown races are coming up soon.

As for Romney & Pawlenty, they could & should be better, but they seem to have too many moderate tendencies. Mit for brains does’nt understand that Romney-care seems to have been the blueprint for Obama-care, & he can’t own up to that. Pawlenty, he was OK as governor here in MN, but he seems a bit too wishy-washy on enough issues, forcing me to look elsewhere.


This guy has a problem if he thinks anyone in Washington, DC has cojones.