Wisconsin State Senator schools Chris Matthews: “You’re completely uninformed”

by editor on February 23, 2011

Poor Chris Matthews has apparently decided that people aren’t watching his show because he’s not extreme enough. In Las Vegas, they’d call this doubling down.

The MSNBC host interviewed Wisconsin State Senator Glenn Grothman and got schooled by the Repubican lawmaker:

Matthews: Let me go to the Republican, Senator Grothman. My question of course is why does the Governor pick on the unions that didn’t endorse him in the last campaign but give a free ride to the firefighters and the cops who did and the localities? Why did they get off and are allowed to continue to negotiate collectively?

Grothman: Well one more time you’re completely uninformed. The firemen’s union around this state have campaigned against Republicans, and the statewide police have repeatedly campaigned against Republicans. Governor Walker is doing this out of financial necessity. And out of financial necessity the state with a $3 billion budget deficit has to do something. Governor Walker as well as the cities, counties and schools which all rely on state money can either lay people off or have everybody take a mild reduction in take home pay. Myself with a mild reduction in take home pay is part of that. Now we understand…

Matthews: Okay, you just said I’m wildly, once again I’m wildly out of, out of, wrong on the facts.

Grothman: Absolutely.

Matthews: You’re telling me that there aren’t local affiliates, there aren’t local union organizations at the county level, municipal level that didn’t endorse your governor candidate when he ran. Are you saying they didn’t endorse him, the firefighters and the cops?

Grothman: I can think of two small locals. The vast majority, the Wisconsin Professional Police Association, the vast majority of firemen’s unions worked against Walker in this campaign and to say otherwise is completely to mislead your listening audience.

MSNBC mislead its audience, Senator Grothman? This is a gross distortion of the truth, sir, because everyone knows MSNBC doesn’t have an audience.

H/T: NewsBusters.org

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POWN3D in a major way. I love it when matthews gets it like this. He’s such a douchebag…


Matthews: (whiny whimper) Senator Grothman (simper) why is Govenor Walker (mewl) picking on the unions?

Grothman: Well yet again you’re a friggin simp! The unions around the state have repeatedly resisted fiscally responsible changes to the law because it would mean that their honey pot has been emptied. How can they continue to rape the taxpaying public, give generous kick backs to their other union thug buddies, and continue to help elect marxist-socialist quissling traitors to high office? (firm statement)

Matthews: So you think I’m a simp? (incredulous)

Grothman: Absolutely! (statement of verifiable fact)


Talk about getting “schooled” and bitch slapped. Poor Chris never saw it coming. He must have thought he could continue to spew half truths and lies and continue to get by with them.

He should contact his buddy Keith and see if Al Gore (bore) TV is hiring. That way he has some where to land when his gig is up at MSNBC.


This isn’t news. Everything that comes out of a Liberal’s mouth is a lie. Their entire belief system is built on lies. Obama hasn’t told the truth. . .ever.


Grothman: “Well one more time you’re completely uninformed…”

What he really meant to say was, “Chris, you poor, misguided slut”


Matthews is a straight our propagandist. He knows he is lying. What is encouraging is that this is so weak.

As the kids say: Matthews=FAIL.


Ignorance can be cured, but stupidity cannot. As far as Matthews goes, it’s either he does’nt know, or knows & does’nt care because his mind is made up already.

My guess…he’s a liar, & he does’nt care. Oh sure, there are some half truths, but Matthews has no problem with lying because for him, the ends justifies the means.


Why would Mathew’s boggle at lying? He’s built his career on lies. I’m just waiting for the day he wakes up, realizes his irrelevance, and closes up shop. Why put all that effort into fabricating a story if nobody’s listening to you rant?


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