One video that’s too shocking for YouTube and seven that should be

by editor on October 26, 2009

Last week we ran a video we called “Can you spot the person who needs to be deported?”. You an watch it above.

The clip is now hosted on after YouTube disabled it, saying it had violated their Community Guidelines. Here’s what the violation notification said:

Sometimes people do get hurt and it’s inevitable that these events may be documented on YouTube. However, YouTube is not a shock site. It’s not okay to post gross-out videos of accidents, dead bodies or similar things intended to be shocking, sensational or disrespectful. If a video is particularly graphic or disturbing, it should be balanced with additional educational or documentary context and information

Apparently our video was too “shocking, sensational or disrespectful” for the delicate souls at YouTube. Watch it for yourself and we think you’ll agree that it’s neither shocking nor sensational, so they must have deemed it to be disrespectful. Call us crazy, but we thought the guy in the video who…uh…fertilized the plant was the disrespectful one. But we may be behind the times on what’s right and what’s wrong these days.

We apologize to the YouTube, their owner Google, and the eagle-eyed member of the multicultural citizen patrol who alerted YouTube to our insensitivity.

So as a public service, and to instruct everyone in the type of videos that don’t violate YouTube’s “shocking, sensational or disrespectful” guidelines, we would like to present the following selection of YouTube-approved videos. We’d issue some content warnings, but they have YouTube’s official seal of approval.

So what the hell. Continue to view (possibly NSFW)…

Taking a Sh*t in Public

On-Air Vomit

Bum with Sh*t in his Pants

Karate Guy Craps His Pants

Horny Lesbian Kissing

We don’t even know how to describe this bloody, disgusting clip

Drunk Vomiting

If you had the stomach to watch these, do you think our video was unfairly singled out?

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It seems You(marx)Tube has caught up with you and removed some of those videos for terms of use violations…LOL…


I refuse to allow your site to trash mouth the “Horny Lesbian Kissing” video! That is a matter of principle… 😉

Serious, its your own fault. You labeled the video “Which Illegal Needs to be Deported?” if you just had some sense you would have titled it “Which Illegal Needs to Get Free Healthcare and A Big Check from America’s Taxpayers?” and the video would have been splashed onto the front page of Youtube! After all, in Obamaland illegals must be rewarded and not penalized for violating the law.

I think those Canadians had something to do with this… (joking, joking)

I can’t say Google is bias: When I query the term “Obama speaks intelligently and smoothly without use of teleprompter and honestly answers all questions but to him” Google politely returns ‘zero results found’.


The problem of illegal immigration is not something that we should pooh pooh.


i dont think the karate thing is gross, or embarrassing (you cant tell who that guy is) the rest are definitely violating, i go to shock sites every now and then, because seeing how horrible some people are helps my imagination, and so, my work, but youtube is not a damn place to post that nasty video


Can you spot the person who needs to be Deported?…

The above video was ‘banned’ on YouTube, yet seven more attached at the article below are not. And the other ……

Saucy Aussie
Saucy Aussie

This really points out a larger problem: And that is, that it’s a tough world for conservative bloggers on the net. This article very clearly points out the bias of Youtube (Google) against conservative concepts. But in addition to that, conservative articles get buried on Digg once the “bury patrol” (as you’ve pointed out before) sees its Diggs rising. On Reddit, a conservative submission similarly has no chance to rise on its pages as — if the moderators even let something through — the crazies all vote it down. About the only place conservatives have, thank God, now is Twitter. Hopefully Google won’t buy it.


Do you think new standards are being applied to the Enemies List ? … oops sorry, that’s a conspiracy theory bad!


I am SO glad my boss didn’t see me scroll though some of those vid pictures. Damn guys, a little NSFW warning *please* — though I completely understand your point.


Good idea. Added it.


Thanks much