CNN says it’s impartial, but its audience says otherwise

by editor on November 13, 2009

Now that Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN, the network's direction is clear

Now that Lou Dobbs is leaving CNN, the network's direction is clear

CNN proudly claims its brand was built on impartial reporting. But the compositon of its audience says otherwise. Fact is, its audience tilts to the left even more than Fox News audience tilts to the right. did a very interesting analysis of CNN’s audience:

Statistically, CNN’s audience is far from nonpartisan.

Of people who say their main source of news is CNN, 46 percent identify themselves as Democrats and 13 percent as Republicans, according to a July survey by the Pew Research Center (the rest say they’re independent or don’t identify themselves politically). The same study found that Fox’s main source audience was 38 percent Republican and 18 percent Democratic.

To a certain degree, it stands to reason: If so many Republicans find Fox a comfortable home, there are fewer remaining for CNN, particularly in a country where Democrats have an enrollment edge.

One-third of news viewers questioned by Pew this fall said they didn’t perceive CNN as advancing an ideology, more than Fox (24 percent) or MSNBC (27 percent). Still, 37 percent of those questioned view CNN as liberal, and 11 percent as conservative.

We don’t want to say CNN’s audience is shrinking, but if it loses any more viewers, future pollsters won’t be able to put together a valid, representative sample.


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cul mat November 13, 2009 at 11:28 am

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cnn is a liberal pro obama channel. rick sanchez is allowed to do a quarter of his show in spainish, have his photo of the day in spainish, but lou dobbs was gagged on illegal immigration border security, nafta, and other issues. the sad part is lou would hold both parties accountable.
but you are not allowed to disagree with the whitehouse, or you are branded a racist. how will we ever get passed race in this country if i cant disagree with mr. obamas policies and not be called a racist.
to me you lose whe you play that card.

cul mat November 13, 2009 at 2:16 pm

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maybe cnn can get geraldo to take over the 7 pm. slot and get some rating. if they get lucky my he will find capones vault, oh yeah he al ready has, i need to stop my sides hurting laughing at the thought!!!!!!

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