Friends and family gather at the bedside of Al Gore’s Chicago Climate Exchange

by editor on November 10, 2010

We are sad to report the sudden, unexpected demise of the Chicago Climate Exchange.

al gore chicago climate exchange

Al Gore points at the person responsible for the death of the CCX has the obituary:

Global warming-inspired cap and trade has been one of the most stridently debated public policy controversies of the past 15 years. But it is dying a quiet death. In a little reported move, the Chicago Climate Exchange (CCX) announced on Oct. 21 that it will be ending carbon trading — the only purpose for which it was founded — this year.

Although the trading in carbon emissions credits was voluntary, the CCX was intended to be the hub of the mandatory carbon trading established by a cap-and-trade law, like the Waxman-Markey scheme passed by the House in June 2009.

At its founding in November 2000, it was estimated that the size of CCX’s carbon trading market could reach $500 billion. That estimate ballooned over the years to $10 trillion.

In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to the Al Gore Retirement Fund.


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I’m not giving that filthy rich libtard bastard a red cent. He can work for his retirement just like the rest of us, but first he has to apologize to the rest of us for all the lies and deceit he has foisted on us over the last decade or so…like that will ever happen.


Here Lies CCX… Now We’re as Happy as Al Gore’s Ex!
Born – November 2000 Died – November 2010
Rest In Pieces


“In lieu of flowers, please make a contribution to the Al Gore Retirement Fund.”

I ate a deep fried spotted owl in a rented pickup with the engine running. Then drove down to the beach and used the four wheel drive to run over a sea turtle. Close enough for government work, I say.


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Actually, I do have something for Al in lieu of flowers.

Hey, Al?

F*ck you.


I heard there was a car parked outside, idling the whole time.


This is a story that should really be way bigger then it is. This whole CCX thing would(& still could)be the biggest scam of all time if it ever took hold like those backing it had planned it to be. The few people behind it would get extremely wealthy, & way beyond “Life Styles of the Rich & Famous” rich. It would have been the perfect way to achieve global socialism. Nations that can, like the say, the USA, would be forced to buy “Carbon Credits” from those who can’t, like say, Cuba. Cuba would get their allocation of “Carbon Credits” whether or not they can use them, & the USA will never get as many as they need, forcing them to buy them from Cuba or other low production nations.

I hope this CCX is dead & buried, but I doubt it. There really needs to be an investigation into this scam & the fraudsters behind it.

Taxed to Death

It’s nice to see people still have common sense in this country.


Good riddance to bad rubbish!!!