This is one Associated Press story you won’t see reported on CNN

by editor on September 26, 2010

Small town radio stations, too poor to field their own reporters and writers, are famous for reading the news straight off the pages of their local newspaper.

Now the Associated Press is accusing CNN of doing the same sort of thing on a much larger scale.


Breaking news has been replaced by stolen news at CNN

AP has the devious details:

CNN Worldwide President Jim Walton told staff in June that the network was dropping its contract with the Associated Press and would provide its audience with content that is “distinctive, compelling and, I am proud to say, our own.”

But the AP has been closely monitoring CNN’s coverage and claims that the network routinely uses the wire service’s reporting, according to internal memos obtained by The Upshot. CNN, the memo states, “continues to rely heavily, and apparently systematically, on AP breaking news, exclusive enterprise and in-depth reporting.”

… AP spokesman Paul Colford, while not commenting on the memos, summed up the news organization’s problem with the network’s coverage. “CNN continues to make extensive use of AP’s original reporting, even though they no longer pay us for it,” Colford said. “We are monitoring it very closely, and are considering our options.”

CNN. The most trusted name in news. Even if it’s someone else’s news.

Source: Associated Press

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howard fein

So in retaliation, AP reporters will start trolling the CNN newsways and report on THEIR stories.


LOL this is hilarious on so many levels and I hope they sue and that it helps bankrup this thing once and for all.


The most BUSTED name in news.


CNN: the most trusted name in news theft.


Meh, nobody watches anyway… except the AP folks.


The White House will be writing the stories and CNN will change its logo to ONN, the Obama news network. News for liberals- by liberals.
Content you can “trust”


CNN now stands for Communist Nessman News?

Plagiarism. N. The act of plagiarizing.


Communist Nonsense Network

These idiots are the world’s current practicioners of yellow journalism at it’s finest… I doubt North Korea’s news bureau could do a better job.


Oops. Busted!


So that’s who watches CNN…AP staff. AP should be proud to give thier stories according to their ability to CNN according to their need.