As The Consensus Among Scientists Crumbles, Global Warming Alarmists Attack Their Integrity. Well, the alarmists are mad because their global warming gravy train is about to be derailed. Want a sure sign that global warming isn’t going to be a money maker anymore? AlGorezeerza sold out to the oil producing Arabs.

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Anyone else notice that there seems to be a new wave of global warming articles in the MSM. It seems the more the science becomes UNsettled the more vocal the AGW crowd gets.

Progressive Hemrrhoid
Progressive Hemrrhoid

The AGW crowd are panicking because they are watching a almost guaranteed paycheck slip between their fingers.


O.k im gonna go all life on you global warming a##holes. All times ever in the life of earth the most speices not just human live in the WARM times! Just think how many plants and animals live in lets say the amazon? Millions some yet to be discovered because its so awsomely warm and filled with life! Ok now lets say the artic circle. Which has been proven to once be tropical by the way. In its frozen state How much life “even if u a human hater” is there? Suck my point!


This is one of my poijnts. The earth’s climate is constantly changing. The sahara used to be a tropical pradise, and the seas used to be MUCH lower. Actual temps have varied based on pollution (yes, even BEFORE hmans, there was pollution-from volcanoes and wind patterns. Even today we get a regular dust storm from Africa)as erl;l as variations in the atmosphere. People may have had a slight influence, but overall, the changes are going to happen no matter what. Do I think not throwing crap out into the environment is a good idea? Sure. Do I think we waste too much and could reduce that with better planning and some reuse? Sure. But I don’t think I control the health of the planet. That is pretty arrogant, IMO.

Joe Redfield

Be fair to Al Gore – he would have sold out to anyone who offered him enough money.


Not Glenn Beck.


When facts, like waves, start hitting the beach of this issue, anything built out of sand begins to crumble.

And the nitwits who build sandcastles cry like three-year olds when their creation “go bye-bye.”


Uh oh! You just proved the Globull Warming alarmists point!
The sand castles are being wiped out by the rising seas!