Barbara Boxer is a Senator, damn it, and don’t you forget it

by editor on June 17, 2009

This clip teaches us two things: Brigadier General Michael Walsh is an officer and a gentleman. And Barbara Boxer is a grouchy old bitch senator.

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Brian Blaylock

Senator Boxer would be wise to recognize that being addressed as “Ma’am” by a senior military officer is an automatic extension of respect. If General Walsh were to address her as “Senator”, it would, and should be interpreted as constrained insolence (meeting the minimum requirement) at best; and as blatant disrespect at worst.


If California votes this witch in again , they deserve what they get ! The wicken religion is going strong in CA. BOXER , PALOSI , WATERS , FEINSTEIN , theres going to be a contest for wicked witch of the west award , and they dont have to work hard for that title , all they have to do is be themselves .


I remember watching this clip with my Mom last year, she knows this man, not intimately or close, just met and spoken with him several times and she told me that he was one of the nicest guys (in that position that he held at the time) that she has met and that this woman was mean and he didn’t deserve it.

Even if he was a jackass, her attitude was elitist and truly shameful and unbecoming of a senator. He was being respectful of her position, she was just being a bitch for sure.

Niki Tag

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[…] As expected, pro-warmist Marxist lover, Sen. Barbara Boxer and other apostles of Gorethodoxy denounced Murkowski’s move as  “an assault on the Clean Air Act, public health, science, and ‘the children.’” Boxer then irrationally sought to compare Murkowski to the old tobacco lobby of the 1980’s. Boxer used that old rhetorical trick — when you can’t criticize your opponent’s proposal on the merits, liken it to something else that is plainly odious and indefensible. Shabby politicking, Ms. Boxer, shame on you (we know, you DEMAND to be called Senator Boxer)! […]


Her Title is ” B- I – itch”


The attitude shown by that to-me putrid Boxer thing is indicative of the elite-class attitude possessed by so many of our elites towards the common folk.

Convinced that the USA is in the throes of class warfare, the spewing of that loathsome Boxer creature does not surprise me.

Our elites are a greater threat to the common folks (96 percent of Americans) freedoms and prosperity that all foreign terrorists combined.

The Females as Property Movement demands that the daffy dame Boxer remove herself from politics and henceforth engage in activities suitable for an emotion-laden illogical irrational typical female… for the good of society as well as for herself since the Boxer broad has proven her inability to operate adequately within adult society


Barbara, you can call me boss, since you work for me!

Sincerely, California Voter

Dr. John

Notice how she did not call him General? Ingratious politician…


I’m sure he didn’t mind. As I’ve read somewhere else, the military gets paid to defend her district. . . the rest of the country they defend for free.


I agree with you totally.
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He should have said, “Yes Senator Ma’am.”

Dee Mac

She really wouldn’t like the way I would address her.


“Hey Barb…let the General speak. He worked hard to become a general.”

Sheez, that was a stoopid azz request.


The standard form for addressing female superior officers is “Ma’am”. Of course, Barbara Boxer wouldn’t know that since she hates everything to do with the military.

She’s clueless in San Francisco.


The standard form of address for addressing females superior officers is “Ma’am”. Of course, Barbara Boxer wouldn’t know that since she hates everything to do with the military.

Clueless in San Francisco.