Friggin’ brilliant music video: Obama sings the Beatles’ “Tax Man”

by editor on January 27, 2010

Someone, somewhere is a brilliant editor. Whoever put this together is an editing genius. ‘Nuff said.

Source: The Big Feed

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How can ANY citizen NOT see through this clown by now? Seriously? In a Constitutional Republic, even those that voted for this loon (pawn), should be able to see by now… he is worthless to a great society, but KING of subterfuge.

This sick bas-tard must be exposed entirely… cracks are everywhere, but I want the damn to break–the sooner the better.

Socialism and the like is NOT what they make it out to be. The tide is turning, as Roger Waters once said.


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Tax increases for top 5% and all truck drivers. I am the Tax Man. Main Street, those who still have jobs, remember you are are working for ME !


Amazing. *claps*

That is so good.

Granny Jan

I just put my video response on it because let’s face it I’m a genious, too.

The Obama Crack-up

I hope I spelled genious right.

Winston Smith

No. You didn’t.

The Obumbly Obomster

Brilliant. This is brilliant.