Stupidest law ever: California legislature approves ‘Cuss Free Week’

by editor on March 4, 2010

California may be financially bankrupt, but that doesn’t mean it’s morally bankrupt. The state legislature proved that by approving a statewide “Cuss Free Week”.

Fox News has the all the stupid #$%&# details:

The resolution by Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, D-La Canada Flintridge, was inspired by a South Pasadena teenager, McKay Hatch, who founded a No Cussing Club at his junior high school in 2007. His efforts to stamp out profanity have generated international attention, with 35,000 members joining the No Cussing Club’s Web site.

Portantino said the California Legislature — known for imposing strict clean air and clean water laws — is the first state legislative body in the nation to consider a statewide profanity-free week.

Hatch, now 16, said he sees a link between cussing and drug use, bullying and other harmful behavior. A cuss-free world would be a more harmonious one, he said.

This poor kid could only have been raised in the People’s Republic of California.

Peace, love, happiness, fruit and granola for everyone.

And make it #%#$& snappy.

Source: Fox News

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Dr. M

I guess those with tourette’s Syndrome should be stoned to death? And, the use of profanity causes cancer.


[…] in all the time I’ve lived here, so it’s to be expected. Seriously, check out “Cuss Free Week“, brought to you by the state that provides most of the nation’s kiddie porn and […]


Awesome. After all cursing and using profanity is the worst thing that is happening in the state, heck the country even the world right now. The root of profanity is the root of all evil right?

This is yet another Big Government run to control people. Although I don’t think that profanity is the best form of communication it is free speech and once Big Government starts chipping away at free speech people need to wake up.

I am sorry I really don’t want to insult all Californians, but their choice in leadership truly sucks. I don’t know maybe it is the pollution as that too is the root of all evil it seems.

call me Roy

I am just glad to see how far along these “Progressive” legislators have gone to solve the “gargantuan” problems in the fantasy state. Hundreds of thousands of people are leaving the state as fast as they can so not to be caught up in the final liberal story line in the demise of the state. The liberal’s agenda is starting to reap what it has sown. Example: Assemblywoman and retired banker Diane Harkey of Dana Point (Orange County) said the state is “literally bankrupt.” She compared the state’s situation to a family with a mortgaged house, maxed out credit cards and zero savings. She said her outspokenness on the topic at public meetings and other forums has caused some at the Capitol to tell her she is apocalyptic, and she said she has been asked to quiet down. “It would be nice if we could hide our problems like nobody knew about them, but the bond market is watching. It’s not a secret,” Harkey said, adding later: “I’m scared. I want to get the state fixed.” Statements like Harkey’s could actually hurt the state, said Tom Dresslar, spokesman for Treasurer Bill Lockyer. “You might score some political points by saying the state is bankrupt, but you’re hurting taxpayers when you do that. We are not basically bankrupt,” Dresslar said. “When you have that kind of talk out there and it makes it into the papers, it poisons the market when you go to sell bonds.” What do most people think about Dresslar’s opinion about protecting the state’s reputation? Who cares Tommy Boy when everyone is running away? Why? California is full of pudknockers like Mr. Dresslar. Sounds like they are really nipping the problems in the bud with this resolution though. I am sure than when they present this to the pornography, violent video game, the satanic music industry, and the thousands of prospering gangs, they will work it out with no problems what so ever. I guess they will be praying for guidance too? I do have an idea that will help though. Get a bunch of elitist movie stars to get behind a movement to push some more manifesto ideas out to the poor uninformed masses, yea, that’s the ticket. Maybe, they could also give out awards to the people who are the best at pretending?


What’s next? no eyeball rolling!


oooo…I’d be in big trouble there.

neo bonbon

where have I heard that before? Where at first they ban/phase out/then erase a few words, ‘for our own good’. Then, gradually, 3/4 of the dictionary has vanished? Yo, has dis shizz done begun, Son?

All these sheep communicating effectively sure can put a crimp in some well laid plans.


2 words…1ST AMENDMENT! If you don’t like it, too bad, eff off.


I’m so @#%ing glad that California addressed this issue.

Pittsburgh Z

Yes, I agree with this because there are NO OTHER problems concerning the state of California.