Capitalism dies. Michael Moore’s Capitalism, that is.

by editor on October 6, 2009

We regret being the bearers of bad news. Michael Moore’s latest “documentary” died a quick, but painful death this weekend. Virtually no one was with it when it expired.

Total box office take for Capitalism’s opening Friday, Saturday and Sunday was a mere $4,850,000. That puts it in seventh place for the weekend, nestled between a movie called “Whip It” in sixth place and the latest remake of “Fame” in eighth. It was the fat filmmaker’s worst opening since 2002’s Bowling for Columbine.

By way of comparison, a comedy-horror film called “Zombieland” ended up in the top position with $25,000,000.

One of the beauties of capitalism (with a lower case “c”) is that people have the right to reject Capitalism (with a capital “C”). And they did.


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Highlighted events of the past week:
1. Obama wasted a big chunk of taxpayers money to fly into Denmark with his Michelle and Oprah (all Chicagoans) for that Olympic bid. Then, to make matters worst, this president only took a short 25 minutes to meet with the General in what is a much more important issue worth the flight to Denmark!
2. After all his mocking and rudeness towards the Palin family, Mr. ‘Hypocrite’ Letterman
is getting his own piece of “trash.”
3. “Live form New York —It’s SNL!” Finally, someone is spelling it out; Obama, basically, is suited as a community leader but not a leader of the free word.
4. Michael Moore no longer shines.


I can’t even pirate a copy of this new Moore hatchet job on BitTorrent… That is how (thankfully) under-embraced it is. People know its out there… They just do not even give a tinker’s damn to seek it out nor spend money on it. Good!

For the record, what we have working economically in the USA now is NOT Capitalism anyway… Its some bastardized mash up of government interference, some free market elements and some other conflicted sectors that defy clear labeling but get favored treatment vis a vis lobbyists and projects like Al Gore’s new $500 million dollar (your tax dollars!) Euro electric car nonsense .

So its not Capitalism that is failing- its the power grabbing convolution of government sticking it’s nose into the market in a way that serves only to shut out the small to medium sized businesses from growing while upending (or propping up) the big ones that is doing the failing.

Also Obama is failing… Excuse me while I do not shed a tear for Barry’s fall from grace.

BTW, see “Manufacturing Dissent: Unconvering Michael Moore” the doc made in 2007 by Canadians (of all folks) that shows Moore is a hypocrite. He just wanted to make himself rich as a film maker (Shock! and I thought he hated those who were financially successful) but could only hack it with content that was extremely biased and skewed the extreme left wingers. That and he gets his facts and data all wrong at least 70% of the time in his films…

His movie (his only non documentary) ‘Canada Bacon’ showed his lack of real film making talent. The critics hated it and it bombed worse then his newest one did. So he had to find his niche to get rich: And he got it in the lairs style hacked up truth documentary genre he is best know for. Big ‘evil capitalist corporations’ love to put those on DVD and sell them for big profits to his cult fan base of wacky left wingers… all for big profits. Who knew?!!


JUst as importantly: “The Invention of Lying” bombed just as bad…

This is signifigant because it was marketed as a light romantic comedy when in reality it’s a pro-atheism love fest hammer upside the head, but they knew they wouldn’t sell tickets if they alienated 95% of the populace with the trailers.

So in one weekend America smacks down anti-capitalism and pro-atheism with their wallets.

America, f’ yeah!