Now you’ve done it, Chris Matthews. You’ve gone and pissed off Neil Cavuto.

by editor on December 14, 2010

Don’t know if we’ve ever seen Neil Cavuto attack a host on another news network. Well, he made up for lost time with this one.

Matthews said Chris Christie couldn’t be president because he was too fat. Matthews points out that if we can have a black president and if both parties can put up creditable female candidates, then the concept of a guy who shops for his suits at Ed’s Big & Tall Shop shouldn’t surprise anyone.

OK, well, he didn’t exactly put it that way, but that’s what we heard.

He also didn’t say, “Chris Matthews is a pathetic schumuck,” but we heard that, too.

Considering the ratings of their respective networks, we assume more people heard Matthews’ comments on Cavuto’s Fox show than heard the original comments on MSNBC.


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A liberal is what a liberal does, which is always worried about either a person’s looks and/or the color of their skin, not their character. That’s “media” Chris. Shallow is skin deep, but retardation goes all the way to the bone.


Cavuto left out just 1 fact in this piece, that Chris Matthews is a LIGHTWEIGHT in the world of politics, & in the media. His place in the world of media/politics exists because his employer is not serious about quality content, journolistic standards, decency, or ratings.


Ok by me that mathews opened his mouth, that okays it to judge him on looks which I didn’t have a problem with before anyway. He’s a pastey, no lipped translucient, numb nuts, pencil neck. If he ever got out into the sun he’d melt away like a beached jellyfish. He’s a no class coward.


John, are you actually saying this about one of your own!?!?!?


If he was a liberal and a spendthrift no one would care that he is fat. It is just because he is a conservative and he actual does a good job and does what he promised he was going to do.

I actually think that skinny men regardless of party should be ashamed of themselves that such a big man as it where is putting them all to shame by his actions. He has more chutzpah and packaging if you get my drift that most Republicans.


Chris “Pillsbury Dough Boy” Matthews?

That guy lives in a big glass house.


Minor correction.

Cavuto points out, instead of Matthews?


I just love Cavuto. He really let that scumbag, Matthews, hold it. As for Chris Christie…there is nothing sexier and more attractive than a man with the intelligence to come up with great policies who also has the guts to implement them.


Even a man with intelligence to come up with great policies who also has the guts to implement them AND can complete an Iron man?


Matthews, that pathetic, miserable POS will have that giant sphincter of his which protrudes from his shirt collar stuffed with a double Bardex on the business end of a 10 liter enema bag one of these days. That would relieve us of his diarrhea spewing. Maybe. I hate the media and that snaky basturd.


Way to go, Neil. When did we start judging people by their weight? I always thought one should look into the heart and soul of a person and not the
outside cover.