CNN’s Carol Costello issues dire warning: “Corporate America is about to win in Wisconsin”

by editor on February 24, 2011

You learn something every time you watch CNN. For example, until we saw this report we didn’t even know that corporations had anything to do with the dispute in Wisconsin. We thought it was the state versus the public employee unions.

So we’d like to thank CNN’s Carol Costello for informing us that it’s really the corporations that stand to win here. Because, you know, we wouldn’t want them to win. We’d much rather have the blood-sucking union thugs win so that the rest of us can work until we drop to pay for their rich pensions and lavish lifestyles.

CNN, the Most Trusted Name In News. Not to mention the most trust name in propaganda.

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Has anybody broke the bad news to Carol that she works for a corporation?

Grammar Fuhrer

Thanks, now I’ll have nightmares from seeing that “woman’s” face.


Mary Kay Henry looks like a man… she must be a liberal.

Well that is good because I actually want more Corporate America money to circulate but as stated how is this even part of the situation in Wisconsin?

This reporter is an idiot, she must be a liberal.


Can RICO statues apply for the collusion of the alphabet news organizations in attempting to steal public money?


I think we should encourage “Corporate America” to win one for the Gipper!


Interesting. I thought the corporations wanted to run private schools. Therefore it would behoove them to support the teachers union in wisconsin as to drive their competitors expenses up. Or am I missing something?

Oh wait, I am. This isn’t about wages or the middle class. its about union bosses screaming fire to grab the last slice of pizza while nobody is watching. bet that SEIU dike has a home in the bahamas that needs to be upgraded to mahogony from plain old oak.


I ponder how journalism school manages to remove such a large portion of a human brain and not show any outside damage. Must somehow do it in the hair line.


Apparently, these clowns don’t realize that when “Corporate America” wins unemployment drops.
Personally, I’m cheering for “Corporate America” and I hope they DO win!

Big Al

Win the future!


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