Courtney Friel is the hottest woman on Cable News. Oh, shut up. We just said what you were thinking.

by editor on March 20, 2009

Anchor Babe Courtney Friel

Courtney Friel (sigh).

Anchor Babe Courtney Friel of Fox News, the hottest of the Fox News Women Anchors, was interviewed recently by SoupCans. The anchor goddess answered the following question:

Soup: How did the gig with Fox News come about?

Friel: Well…I went on a date with Roger Ailes…OMG- I’m joking!! Actually, the process was pretty standard. My agent sent FOX a DVD which had 2 reels on it – entertainment and local news. Then I flew to NYC for an interview. Next I got an offer so I left LA and moved to the Big Apple! I’m in my third year at FNC already!

So does that mean she’s not going out with Roger Ailes? He hasn’t swept the most beautiful woman on television into his evil web of conservative conquests? Does it mean she’s available?

Maybe not. She also revealed in the interview that she’s married to some other TV guy blah-blah-blah. We really didn’t concentrate on that part of the interview.

Let’s make this clear right up front. We would leave our wives for Courtney. Is that so wrong?

Here are a few photos of Courtney in her bikini, Click thumbnails for larger image:

More images: Google Images (warning, “Safe Search filter off”)

Update: If you like this article, you’ll love Fox News Women Anchors: TV Anchor Babes in short skirts & sexy legs.

Source: SoupCans

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[…] Courtney Friel is the hottest of Fox News Women Anchors – Mar 20, 2009  · Anchor Babe Courtney Friel is the hottest of Fox News Women Anchors. Here are photos of Courtney in her bikini. […]

TV Anchorbabes

Yeah I hate when I find a fine babe and then a few lines later I read she is married. Not that I had a chance to begin with but the possibility, even if one in a million, is still something I can hold on to. Anyway Courtney Friel is married and she is expecting a baby.
She might very well be the hottest pregnant women on television.


I was hoping for some Rachel Maddow bikini pics…




I’ve been in love with Courtney since the first time I saw her on FNC. She is so sexy. Her husband is a very lucky guy!


Well there’s some global warming!


Nice pics of her doing the bikini model thing!
Those are the happiest bikinis in the world. This is true!

C. Clemans

I can’t believe that we’ve already thrown Megan Kelly in the trash heap.