Fox News ratings are rising, so are its anchors’ skirts

by editor on March 30, 2009

We regularly cover the booming ratings at Fox News.

Well, pardon us for being slow. We had never noticed how short the skirts are on the Fox News women anchors until someone sent us this video. With the hot TV anchor babes in their short skirts and beautiful legs (In the interest of full disclosure, we should also reveal that we used to buy Playboy just for the articles).

The note attached to the video postulated that there may be a direct relationship between the rise in ratings at Fox News and the rise of the Fox women skirts. If true, it’s an interesting programming strategy.

Will Fox News ratings dominance last? Can the skirts of Fox women go any higher? Can the Fox News legs get any better? Well, they certainly appear to have legs. And pay particular attention to Laurie Dhue. We’d sure like a 3D printer copy of her.

Update: If you like this article, you’ll love Courtney Friel is the hottest of Fox News women anchors.

Update #2: We found some stills to add to the article.

Fox News Babes Laurie Dhue

Fox News Women Anchors Laurie Dhue

Fox News Babes Alisyn Camerota

Fox News Women Anchors Alisyn Camerota

Fox News Babe Kiran Chetry

Fox News Women Anchors Kiran Chetry

Fox News Babes Page Hopkins

Fox News Women Anchors Page Hopkins

Fox News Babes E. D. Hill

Fox News Women Anchors E.D. Hill

Fox News “Oops” Videos

Update #3: Here a video of Fox News babes showing off more than their legs.

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I can’t think of a TV news station that is not completely over the top in support of Israeli interests.
Is there any wonder why some refer to the TV as “the electric Jew”?


‘Electric Jew’? Those ‘Steam Powered’ Arabs will have something to say about that!


“The electric Jew”? Seriously? Who in the hell refers to the TV in that way? I mean other than ignorant morons, that is.

It’s amazing how a post of this nature gets the whack-jobs crawling out of the woodwork…. myself included. 🙂


Looks photoshopped to me.


I can’t believe there are actually comments on here sticking up for FOX News as if it’s some sort of legitimate news organization! The whole “liberal media” crap that FOx constantly spews. Give me a break people. There is no liberal or conservative media, there is only lies and propaganda coming from all US news media outlets. If you buy into that whole left vs. right crap, you really are a stupid fool.


….said the person who has never watched any news program, ever. I mean c’mon. Really? No liberal or conservative media? You’ve either been living under a rock someplace or your television is hooked up to some magical broadcasts coming from a special universe all for you. Of course there are media outlets that are slanted one way or the other; some lie outright, some lie by exclusion, and some do their best to just report the news. But the statements you just made are so inane I can’t believe that you have the ability to express them. Saying that all media outlets spew nothing but lies and propaganda is like saying that every single muslim, without exception, is a bomb-toting maniac out to blow up your children and cut your head off.


Well, the real problem is that Americans are so incredibly dumbed down that there is absolutely no interest in news — especially politics — unless it involves sex scandals or can be sexed up by attractive, barely dressed “newscasters”. If Americans only tune into the news for the looks or personality of the presenter — it is indeed shameful and we deserve the fate that awaits us. Politics requires PARTICIPATION. Ogling the attractive thighs of the women on Fox doesn’t cut it. And picking up “talking points” while being distracted with the attractive physiques of women is very Pavlovian. I imagine there are a lot of men out there who have developed an automatic response of erection just at the sight of the Fox News logo …

I have no problem with attractive women presenting the news. After all, attractive women, if they are qualified journalists, should not be stereotyped solely on their physical qualities. But, Fox News — like CBS/CNN/NBC/ABC/MSNBC — are not in the business to present news. They are in the business of shaping public opinion. They merely tailor the spin (pro vs anti whomever the current President is) to their target demographic. It is no more real than professional wrestling. It is fine to enjoy it for the entertainment value — but if you seriously expect to hear real, unbiased, verified information from any of the current mainstream media outlets you are out of touch with reality. They all push the agenda of their owners: large corporations who care about only one thing: PROFIT. Matters not if their strategies to make money will hurt the US. If the dollar collapses — they will be ready to bow down to whatever currency rises as their new god.


Dear Scarlett;I think you’re right.It really seems that many people do indeed worship money these days.It’s really not good.Tom


Horrible, we can see … naked legs? What should they wear – bourqas? You would be traumatized by European TV-Channels …


Hi Polo;Please explain what the skirts are like of European news ladies.Please email me soon.Thank you for your time.Tom

Duke Guy

Is that honey Laurie Dhue stll on Fox?. I haven’t seen her in awhile


FOX (slang A sexually attractive person) NEWS (interesting or important new information)


these are old pictures from a few years back, now at the present momemt fox is killing the other news in rateings because of the commentaters like
beck and Hannitty and Oreilly, and the rest, if you watch today you dont really see any reporters legs anymore, there face yeah but not there legs, there rateings are high because people are sick of every singal other news outlet being headover heels in the tank for Obama.


They look doctored to me.. at normal resolution it looks like there’s distortion around all the line near the end of the fabric.

But that’s how it looks to me.. I didn’t look close up and I dont know how to tell for sure.


Ah, a new conspiracy theory is arising. Doctored short skirt photos.


Well, since I created the foxnewsbabes youtube site, allow me to weigh in on this issue. Vince P. is correct, the stills are all photoshopped to shorten the dresses and skirts. The videos are not edited, at least not by me. I did the editing of most of the stills, however the one of Laurie Dhue I found on the web, it was an aknowledge photo shop as well.

It was all in fun, some lovely ladies there, unfortunately, many have left the network. Kind of funny to see political hack made of some pretty girls, lol!

The Fox Man


Just who are we trying to kid here! I agree that Fox has pushed the short skirt look over the years, but nothing like the stills posted above. It doesn’t take a Photoshop artist (which I am one) to see that these images have been doctored.


They have not been doctored. I have seen the videos from which the stills were taken.


Megan Kelly. ‘Nuff said.


The real question to be answered: are they wearing panties?


Media Ho'

The Fox babes have cultivated an extremely enticing reputation.
They maximize each and every opportunity to flaunt their luscious legs.
Perhaps that is why FNC is the top rated cable network?


Have to admit that laurie’s skirt is the shortest I have seen, it almost looks like she isn’t wearing one. If they have nice enough legs to pull it off then shouldn’t complain.


We updated the article with still photos of Fox News Anchor Babes Laurie Dhue (my personal favorite), Alisyn Camerota, Page Hopkins, Kiran Chetry, and E.D. Hill. Which are your favorites?


Ok, I’ll bite…here is a nice top 10 list…

Shannon Bream
Megyn Kelly
Patty Ann Brown
Lauren Sivan
Julie Banderas
Jane Skinner
Juliet Huddy
Gretchen Carlson
Alexis Glick
Jenna Lee

I dare you to tell me this list sucks


Gretchen needs to be ashamed of herself for Wed., a.m, maybe she wants her kids to do the lap dancing when they grown up!!!!!!!!!??????????????


Okay, here is something….. It would be a good analysis if it also looked at the other networks and shared their footage regarding the anchor’s clothing. It seems a little one sided as it is shown here. Second, it would seem that the ratings that are being touted are not necessarily correlated with the footage or shows noted here. It might just be that people enjoy watching that news channel and prefer one that shares a more balanced perspective of the day’s events.


IHTM did not MUFF this story.


At least they don’t spout leftist bilge like the rest of the MSM and maybe, just maybe, a high skirt or two might actually lead to critical thought among male teenage voters.


And the problem is?


I’ll have an order of thighs with that please.


Fox’s on air talent is nothing less than spectacular! yowsza!!!

Dee Mac

Ok, I am a girl, but Please God, don’t let the hags on The View see this and decide that is the path to ratings!! Can you imagine the carnage if BaBa WAAWaa, Joy Behar and Whoopi all start showing some thigh? – Yuck, yuck, yucky –

Glad to see the high standards here at IHTM in force. I am curious, what did the Mrs. Editors think of this one?

Tim Parker

Clearly there are some short skirts in this montage.

That being said, it’s also clear that several of the still frames are repeated images, or very close in sequence to others posted.

Therefore, this is a misleading and easily mocked segment.

I agree: FOX News is a sham and is certainly interested in exploiting “attractive” female anchors. This link is not helpful in exposing FOX’s problems therein. Rather, it looks like a desperate compliation, easily mocked by Hannity & Co. as a “liberal” attempt to smear the station.

My point is, don’t post unless it’s legitimate. By repeating the introductory image (or a close play of its sequence) you’ve negated your own point and become smearing rather than insightful. AKA, you’ve adopted the same practices as that sad station.


I think it is disgraceful the women are practically showing it all (don’t they wish)
Read this weeks publication of Weekly Standard, it says it all

neo bonbon

I think this is a Photoshop job.

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