Dennis Kucinich says Syrian President Assad is loved by his people (other than the 1300 he murdered recently)

by editor on June 30, 2011

We’re going to miss little Dennis Kucinich if his district is gerrymandered out of existence. Really miss him.

After all, what other representative who’s not a member of the Congressional Black Caucus can give us so much crazy material on such a consistent basis?


Dennis Kucinich is always good for a laugh. The same cannot be said for the 1300 dead Syrians.

The Hill comments on Kucinich’s latest comments:

Rep. Dennis Kucinich (D-Ohio) gave a press conference in Syria this week and appeared to heap praise upon Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, who is being widely criticized for the brutal crackdown on pro-democracy demonstrations in that country.

… A story by the Syrian Arab News Agency on Tuesday has Kucinich at a press conference in Syria taking a highly controversial position toward al-Assad. In May, the U.S. imposed sanctions against al-Assad as a means of pressuring him to end the violent repression there.

“President al-Assad is highly loved and appreciated by the Syrians,” Kucinich said, according to the Syrian news site. “President Bashar al-Assad cares so much about what is taking place in Syria, which is evident in his effort towards a new Syria and everybody who meets him can be certain of this.”

In his defense, Kucinich said his words were mistranslated.

A more accurate translation is, “I’m a little pissed that former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney has been getting more press lately than I have. I need to up my crazy quotient.”

Source: The Hill

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Man, that Kucinich is one crazy congressman. This guy only cares about himself. It appears he is pulling for Libya and Syria strongmen because it’s the only way he can get noticed. Poor misguided Kucinich…Ohio, please pay more attention to whom you vote as your representative. This guy makes you/the country look bad…really bad.


Dennis needs a new tie. it looks like his foreskin is slipping up over his head again.


that is cold but it made me laugh


Looking the devil straight in the eyes and the devil wins. Where is Congressman Keith Ellison and his C.A.I.R. buddies when they are needed for this woman?


Washington State is about to pick up a new congressional seat and those kooks in Seattle are trying to recruit Kucinich to relocate there and run for Congress. God help us.


Basheer Al-Asad is his father’s son and if there is anything Hafeth taught his son, from the time he bounced him on his knee, was this: Victory is when you drive your enemies before you, scatter their flocks, rape their women, enslave their children and revel in the lamentations of the old women! (paraphrased from Conan) After that they will love you, as long as you keep a studded yoke around their necks!

This man Kucinich is a flake!

Buck O'Fama

So many high-profile idiots just love themselves repressive totalitarian dictatorships: Ted Turner hearts North Korea, Sean Penn and Oliver Stoned get hard-ons around Hugo Chavez, loony McKinney loves Daffy the Couch, Jimmy Carter will kiss the ass of ANY of them for a half-hour on Meet the Press and now nutso Kucinich sings the praises of Asshole Assad. Yep, they all praise the wonderful “utopias” created by the madmen… but you never see any of them actually moving to the hellholes they so admire.


From the article: “Arab-speaking friends accompanying me have explained that the problem may have come from a mistranslation as well as the degree of appreciation and affection their state-sponsored media has for President Assad,” Kucinich said in a statement released to The Hill. “Given the stakes for Syria and the region, I will consider the article only an error, not a willful intent to mischaracterize my statements or my efforts in the region.”

This is what happens when useful idiots act like useful idiots. Kucinich got played by the Syrians and he has to live with the fact that he is a propaganda tool.