Ed Asner is a liberal socialist communist moron

by editor on February 20, 2009

ed_asner_mary_tyler_mooreFirst, Ed Asner played the gruff, but lovable Lou Grant on the Mary Tyler Moore Show. Then he played the gruff, but not so lovable Lou Grant on Lou Grant. Now he plays the old, but stupid Ed Asner.

“Our education has just gone into the toilet in this country,” Asner said to the Washington Post. “Having suffered, from the time of Reagan until now, with onslaughts against government daubing at improving the welfare of American citizens, and the education and health of American citizens, the anti-government forces have struck, perhaps, mortal blows to our society.”

Mary Tyler Moore always said, “Oh, Mr. Grant.” We say, “Oh, shut your pie hole, Mr. Grant.”

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Ed is in the later stages of syphilis.


Dementia maybe, but syphilis? I just can’t visiualize him doing what you do to get syphilis, & I don’t want to. But I will say if a home video leaked out, I would die laughing.

Ben Dover

It’s easy for wealthy actors to be socialists when they don’t understand where their wealth really comes from.


That is what Dennis Miller was pretty much stating last night. It is easy to be a socialist when you got money. He did not work for free and if he feels so strongly about it, he should give all the money he got back.


Leslie Hoffman was the first Stunt Woman elected to the Hollywood SAG Board of Directors. Several stuntmen, now ‘Ex President of SAG’ Ed Asner plus several other Board Members, abused, harassed and blacklisted her for no other reason than she was a Woman. The final insult was retaliation against her in 2010. She is still fighting the injustice. Please visit her page:


Plus copy and paste this page and pass it on to other that are against abuse to Women.

charles clemans

Ed Asner is the Travis The Chimp of American patriotism.

Dave Oldham

George Bush and Dick Cheyney proved that they were othing more than imperialists when they invaded Iraq/


Yeah, America is the imperialist nation, but we really don’t have any colonies. You know, like the British, the French, Spanish, or the Soviets had.

On the other hand, if you mean all of the nations who are free but rely on the US military for their protection & very existance, Yeah, then I agree withcha. BTW, Bush43 only finished off the job Bush41 did’nt in 1991. It’s funny, when America goes to war & does’nt finish the job, we end up going back in like in Iraq, or what we left behind remains a pain in the ass. Like with North Korea or with Cuba. Did Bush/Cheney make some mistakes? Yep, was Iraq one of them? Only to the extent they were too soft, same for Afganistan. You crush the enemy, you never try to get by with the minimum amount of force needed, that’s why we are still there rather then being out of there in 3-4 years.

David McMaster

On the money.


Being from Kansas City, Kansas as Mr. Asner, this man is a dolt.