Glenn Beck slaughters Arianna Huffington. Figuratively speaking, of course.

by editor on February 5, 2010

Damn, Glenn Beck is a funny man. Here he eviscerates Arianna Huffington – figuratively speaking, of course – for her latest over-the-top kvetching.

As an amusing aside, notice that Beck refuses to even mention the name of the number three cable news network in this monologue. And if Beck won’t mention those five letters on his TV show, it’s only fair that we don’t mention them, either.

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I was wondering where I have heard that accent before and I was thinking Ivana Trump, but yeah the Gabor ladies are a great example. She sounds elitist, fake and mean and the accent makes it worst. She is pathetic.


Zha Zha is a tool. Her job is to watch all the Beck footage, listen to all the Rush shows and find any little clip or tidbit that she can use to fein shock and dismay on all the liberal talk shows that will have her.

Sounds like a pathetic existience if you ask me.


She has no credibility with me since everytime she talks I expect a reference to Arnold the pig and Mr. Ziffel.


Poor Arianna Huffandstoned is too dimwitted to grasp metaphor.


Glenn Beck is really funny, which is why the liberals hate him. They don’t understand humor since they have none themselves. Nor, apparently, do they understand metaphor or sarcasm.


Who are the most angry people you see in the media? It’s the biggest libs. People like Andy Rooney, Olby, Special Ed Schultz, Jack Cafferty, & Rosie O’Donnell to name a few. They are all libs who are almost activist like in how they conduct themselves when politics comes up, or when they interject politics where it should’nt be. They hate, hate, hate, they live to hate & then they bitch about what they hate.


That is right you cannot kill something that is on its way out. I hope Comcast eviscerates that network.