Government union calls Republican plan a “mistake for America.” Translation: “Oh, crap.”

by editor on April 19, 2011

House Republicans passed a common sense bill on Friday. In light of the trainload of fiscal disaster racing down the tracks toward us, they voted to freeze federal employees pay for three years and to allow 10% of the federal workforce to wither away through attrition.


Typical federal worker

As you might imagine, it makes a lot more sense to us than it does to federal workers.

Federal News Radio has the details:

The House passed a fiscal year 2012 bill today that freezes federal pay for three years and cuts the federal workforce by 10 percent through attrition.

The budget plan by House Republicans – called the Path to Prosperity – also requires federal employees to pay for half of the defined benefit they receive at retirement.

The GOP plan proposes a plan that promises $6 trillion in spending cuts over the next decade compared with the budget President Obama unveiled in February.

The final vote in the House was 235-193.

The National Treasury Employees Union called passage of the resolution a “mistake for America.”

“Apart from the broad social changes the resolution seeks to make, its anti-federal employee provisions would result in federal agencies having great difficulty not only in retaining the highly-skilled, dedicated employees they now have, but in recruiting new talent to the government,” said NTEU President Colleen Kelley in a statement.

Colleen, honey, you seem to miss one very important point: We don’t need to recruit any more of that great talent to the government. We need to cut it to the bone.

The same bone you’re using on the American taxpayers.

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Source: Federal News Radio

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Here’s an idea: Clean out ALL politicians and special interest goons, start over offering $50,000 salary for Congress, build barracks for them to live in while Congress is in session, then send their ass back to their districts until next session. That would get one hell of a head start on fixing the economy…


I’m not the first person to recommend we do more that pare back on spending, we should also get rid of entire bureaucracies, get rid of redundant departments, slash all federal budgets by as much as 10% a year until we actually balance our budget. We need to try every member of the Bilderberg Society, execute it’s leadership and imprison it’s membership for their treason!
When you smack down such a powerful part of the Progressive Agenda Machine, the weaker members will find holes in the walls to hide in. After such a richly deserved spanking of the godless errant children that are screwing the pooch now, the adults, the rest of us can finally get down to the business of running our country as a nation of fiscal adults! Just ask the Bamster if he remembers what happened to Ceaucescu!


Make sure that the politicians are following the same! NO pay raises and have the same benefits as all the OTHER government employees which they MUST pay into! No free ride. Talk about a bunch of overpaid, looking out for themselves and no one else jagoffs!

The Obumbly Obomster

Even the bill proposed by Ryan is a joke. Sure it “cuts” spending (even though when you factor in defense, it actually increases the budget by 3 billion). Democrats can’t get it right. Republicans can’t get it right. Let’s get some Libertarians into Congress. Screw the two major parties. They’re the two faces of the same coin. I’m sick and tired of these morons. The federal budget should be somewhere around $50 billion. Enough to run DoD, FBI, and CIA. Protect the rights and freedoms of the people, and let the states take care of the rest. $3 TRILLION!?!?!??? Please. This is such a flipping joke. And the media isn’t helping things AT ALL!!!


The media is 90% of the problem by brainwashing the Stupids.


Yes. I don’t know why the supposed fiscal conservatives love Paul Ryan’s plan so much. It’s better than what there is now, but it’s still not good.