Great news: British kids are even dumber than American kids

by editor on March 16, 2010

Sir Isaac Newton, English physicist, astronomer, mathematician and inventor of the bouffant hairdo

So much for the fantasy that American kids are the world’s most ignorant. According to a new survey, British kids are no geniuses, either.

The BBC reports the dumb details:

One in 10 children thinks the Queen invented the telephone, a survey of children’s science knowledge suggests.

Others gave credit for the invention to Charles Darwin and Noel Edmonds.

One in 20 of the 1,000 pupils polled thought Star Wars character Luke Skywalker or Richard Branson had been the first to set foot on the Moon.

Some 60% of nine- and 10-year-olds thought Sir Isaac Newton discovered fire, the survey for science campaign Birmingham Science City found.

Despite these misconceptions, more children want to win a Nobel prize for science than the X Factor.

The survey of primary and secondary school children in the UK suggests there is some confusion about key scientific achievements.

Just under a half of boys (49%) correctly pinned down gravity as Newton’s ground-breaking discovery, compared with 76% of girls.

Just over a third of boys said Newton discovered fire, while the remaining 16% either said he invented the internet, or discovered the solar system or America.

Stupid Brit kids thought Sir Isaac Newton invented the internet? C’mon, wake up, you little morons. Everyone knows Al Gore invented the internet.

Source: BBC

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I hate the fact that people manage to believe that a kids intellegence is based on nationallity, as a 12 yr old brit im knew all those questions correctly but i also know kids who wont know those questions, both of us are Brits so how can you say British kids are dumb and they’ll be American kids who can answer correctly and american kids who cant to behonset its those who believe intellegence in based on nationallity who are dump. And there are to many socialists and communists in schools, i have a history teacher who has flags of the Soviet Union and Cuba in his classroom and pictures of Che Guevara although i woudnt get rid of him because he is awsome in how he teaches and one of the best teachers in the school he even has his own facebook page made by students from my school, check it out at!/group.php?gid=49456681767&ref=ts

Master Debater (lol)

lol. i thought this was funny, y’all. K. IM AN AMERICAN WHO MOVED TO AUSTRALIA cuz America is goin downhill fast you know? So anyways I have met many more immigrants here of common wealth background. Like I have met a couple British kids who I hang out with a lot. They are cool FAGS (lol I call people fags for no reason). And I have met a New Zealander and South Africans (White South Africans, well black too) and of course many fuckin Aussies. Even Aussies that have come from all over the nation becuz this is the capitol and i had to live here for a while if I came. But anyways, me and my English mate, were in English (haha IRONIC) and we were chillin on the web like not doing our assignment. He is really like right wing and funny kid too. Kinda like me but he just really hates Packies (Muslims, Durkas) as they call it. We f*ckin saw this post and I lol’d so hard cuz he was right there. And it just says BRITISH KIDS ARE EVEN DUMBER THAN AMERICAN KIDS in bold. And he just goes F*CK OFF! hahaha and all the aussies came up and were like “awww so america is superior to everyone” ahahahahah. It was great. Anyways sorry for such long bull shit story. Im just a fag ass conservative teen punk. LOL I love IHATETHEMEDIA.COM! Keep doin wat you do. BTW I have a socialist Canadian teacher for English who doesn’t really like the English kid (it’s easier to just say POM here – PRISONER OF MOTHER ENGLAND) cuz he is right wing. She immigrated to Oz years back. Email me something smart and witty to say to here about being a dumb leftie socialist plz!!!! Thanks DOODS! END THE FED! NO BIG GOV’T! (Im a traditional Conservative!)


If America’s kids are getting dumber by the day, maybe it’s time to have a look at who has been in control of education in America for as long as I can remember. It is leftists who control education, & it is these people are in charge of what gets taught. Get rid of public education as we know & go the voucher route. Make the public schools COMPETE for their students & they will improve or they will close. Try that & the NEA will raise hell over it. Also, we can get rid of the Dept.of Education, $200million a year down the drain.

Public education is proof that liberals/progressives never understand that what they are doing is wrong, it’s just that they have not done enough of whatever they think they need to do. They always run out of money, taxpayer money, & they need to be told no.

Trevor Misiolek

wow i really hate british kids, my gf likes them and thinks there cute and loves there accents, we get into fights about them all the time. she gets to mad and leaves when i make fun of there teeth


I presume your fat and dumb since were working on stereotypes here, most british people have decent teeth just like there are people in American who arnt fat and dumb.


Yet not presented is the position 1 in 10 kids in America has on any of the questions asked. Afraid your American exceptionalism won’t show?

Really righties, why do you guys insist on being wrong about everything?

This is my new name

its like you just think of the stupidest think you could possibly say for each entry

and then say it.
you are either a master troll, or a typical left winger


Screw you Andrew!

Our President gave your PM a set of DVDs (a cheap set at that) which was not even playable on UK DVD units due to Region Lock Encoding. That is how smart we are!

Actually that is how dumb Obama is… And the BACKLASH (Tea Party Actions and general overall disapproval ratings) that We The People put up says enough about us and our smarts.

When an American kid was questioned in school on these quiz topics: He just reached for a steak knife and let that do the answering for him. Never one to waste words… Youth!–87471877.html

Seriously, education is another failing of Obama this go around. From “No Child Left Behind” to “We Need to Keep More Children From Getting Ahead”

Least we not overlook ‘Safe Schools’ Czar Jennings and his ‘praise for pedophiles’ stance. No joke. Google “Safe Schools Czar NAMBLA”

I would loath to see what answers our kids gave. Let’s not forget who 96% of the 18-24 year old set voted for in 2008. That is more telling then any IQ test or General Knowledge Quiz can reveal.

Off topic…
London is fun to vacation at. Rising the Tube is awful though. Its like breathing through nasty smog when you are down in it.


Hate to burst your bubble, but my son is 17. He says that these exams are worthless as the answers do not reflect the students knowledge. Instead, they are so sick of taking test that they just put down anything when it doesn’t count, such as an AP or SAT (which they have to take more than 3 time apiece).


Well that is a good point that teenage (or child) rebellion to authorithy and unnecessary tests can be a factor, but kids and teens do not do themselves any favors by doing these things.

This is my new name

“thought Star Wars character Luke Skywalker or Richard Branson had been the first to set foot on the Moon.”
too be fair, our poorly educated might have been able to eliminate luke simply by knowing he was fictional.

which reminds me, why does europe get all the best starwars stuff, when they dont like it nearly as much as we do?




Your italics are showing, lol.