High schooler whose rant at teacher went viral has no regrets about the in-class tongue lashing. It’s about time someone started calling these useless turds out. Too bad the people in charge of education aren’t as smart or passionate as this young man is.


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missed it, where’s the reup?


If this kid gets a haircut, dresses up a little bit and learns something himself, he might not make a half bad teacher himself!


I have said it before and I’ll keep saying it until ya’ll get as sick of me as we are of Crawley. The lack of parental involvement is the biggest problem we have in pubic edukashun.

If parents would get involved, pay attention to what is going on in their childs school, pay attention to what is being taught, pay attention to the classes their kids are taking, most of the problems would be solved. Most kids are lazy, they will take the easy way out, so it is up to their parents to make sure they are getting what they are paying for. An education for their children.

School administrators, teachers and their unions, all of them are taking advantage of the situation and DO NOT WANT parents involved in the classroom. If you don’t like what is going on in a particular class pull your kid out of that class. Make some noise, let other parents know what is being taught, or not, as the case may be. If ten kids were pulled out of that class, and the parents raised a stink about it, the administration would be forced to do something. One classroom at a time, one teacher at a time, one school at a time. That is the only way to reverse all the damage liberals and lazy parents have done to our public education system.


If you could see my senior high school picture you would absolutely not believe that I could have been forced to resign my position as a student. I had decided to take a drafting class as an elective. The class was taught by the basketball coach who had a deeply held religious belief that all male students (at least the one’s in any of his classes) should have crew cuts – just like all the basketball players did. So he decided not to issue me my eraser and t-square until I came to class with a proper hair cut. On the 3rd morning we went down to the principal’s office and I was told I had a choice of cutting my hair or turning in my books. It took me five minutes to clean out my locker and my career at R Nelson Snyder was over. I got all the college credits I needed at night school and graduated 3 months ahead of all my friends. Best walk I have ever taken.


I love that kid. If anybody wants to know what I was like in high school, that video is like a time machine into my past… although my hair was curly and tended to go out instead of hanging down. Otherwise, that’s me. Hated haircuts and hated most of my teachers. I saw one of my teachers in a restaurant about ten years after graduation and asked her if she remembered me. Her answer:

“Yes, and not very favorably.”


The student did go about this in a manner that challenged the teacher and she could not handle it. Some times you have to challenge authority to keep them honest and on target. I applaud this young man for having the guts to stand up and speak his mind. It was done in a direct way that was non threatening but to the point.

This is a classic example of why tenure should not be granted to teachers. Many are very good at their jobs, yet there are more and more just doing what this teacher did, clocking in and out to just to get paid and nothing more. When one can no longer or will no longer teach, they should be removed from the class room and allow those who have the fire to do the teaching to do so.

Before others jump on, it is also upon the parents to make sure what their children are being taught and how well they are being taught. If parents are engaged, then the child will be engaged. The teachers, and administrators will know that they are going to have to be engaged as the parents are going to call them on what it is they are doing or not doing.

matthew s harrison

Only easier degree to get than a teaching certificate, is a PE teaching certificate-when are people going to realize that nowadays, most teachers teach because they get sick union benefits(in Illinois millionaire status if they retire after 59 1/2, free life insurance, and 6 figure salaries if they teach in a big city with a strong union. Average salary in Chicago Public Schools is 75K-CPS has the shortest school day and school year in the United States-they are at work for 5 1/2 hours a day for 8.2 months a year! that leaves them 4 months of freedom to work another job, or go on vacation, as their paychecks come in every week even when not working. In our school district in the northern suburbs, the teachers get 7K if they coach a sport, 6K to be a lunchroom monitor, 7.5k if they teach science olympiad, 18.50/hr for every extra hour they are at school after 8 hours, oh, and 7.5K if they teach 5 week summer school course. My son’s 4th grade teacher last year(that is a glorified babysitter) made 104,600! and got a fat raise this year, after they went on freaking strike.
Only place in America you can sit on your ass, not do anything important, and be immune from being fired-a government union job, the AFL/CIO, Teamsters, or the UAW.
So don’t expect the teaching business to change anytime soon. As long as they aren’t reviewed on performance and success of their students, they will continue to get worse. Thank Jimmy Fucking Carter for unionizing teachers.
As for this young man-nice to see him motivated, however, the video proves that he has had many teachers worse than the one he excoriates in the video-which is very sad. I will give the teachers who teach my kids this much-most of them are young and full of piss and vinegar and are apparently in it for the right reasons. Too bad their older colleagues are not as fiery about teaching as they are!
God help us all. If this is what the future of our nation is going to be taught by, America will die sooner than later. I wrote a whole piece about the sick amount of my kids’ teachers earnings when the teachers went on strike-you can read it over at daily pamphlet, which the guys here at IHTM have been so very kind to link to in the past!
Happy Mothers Day to the mothers reading this!


She’s trying to censor him for speaking the truth. Boy do I know that feeling.


What truths are you talking about? Comments without facts are just that, comments. All you have ever brought here is the same damn three talking points which mean nothing other than the fact that you don’t know shit.


Good for him! It’s about time someone told these lazy ass teachers what to do!