Jeff Sessions: I’m Not Going To Appoint A Special Counsel For Hillary Just Because My Party Wants Me To. Hillary has rather obviously committed many felonies. It’s going to stink to cover-up high heaven if he doesn’t at least get a special prosecutor to investigate her. Evidence up the wazoo? Ignore Hillary. No evidence other than 40 year old bullshit with Gloria Allred thrown in? Go after Roy Moore.

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Not so silent

I thought he was better than this…WTF is he afraid of? Can’t do the job, then quit and let someone else take on the investigations…


I NEVER liked this guy as AG. He has always appeared to be weak and ineffective. We need a PITBULL AG that we help, not hinder the President Make America Great Again 🇺🇸


Then resign you pussy ass hole. There’s all kinds of evidence that all the major dip shits colluded with the Russians. Trump needs to have a woodshed moment with Sessions. If he refuses to do what he swore to do. He can resign and haul his swamp ass back to Alabama. I could careless what he things. Laws were broken. This nation was founded upon a single set of laws. Not one set for those of us who are not elite or entitled and a set for the self righteous ass holes from both parties. Hear that droopy and Barr. We’re watching and will rise up to vote all your RINO asses into the unemployment line.


Jeff Sessions needs to get out as AG now. I cannot even imagine a worse choice. He sides with the women and does not even want to give Judge Moore a chance!
As the Queen of Hearts says “Off with his head”.

Kip Hooker

Sessions literally said “looks like is not enough basis to appoint a special council.”

So, how did we end up with Mueller? How can Sessions’s DOJ (whether he recused himself or not) appoint a special council to find evidence of crimes for which no evidence existed, but can’t appoint a special council to investigate crimes for which there is mountains of evidence for? Who got to Sessions?