Journ0lists, politicians refuse to post lawn sign saying “HOME IS PROUDLY GUN FREE”. James O’Keefe and team pose as anti-gun activists offering “gun free” signs to various anti-gun journ0lists, who refuse. Hypocrisy? Well, on the surface it seems that way but… SHUT UP! [Video at the link.] And if Project Veritas’ brand of real journalism appeals to you, consider making a donation.

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So the cops in that area still believe that shooting video of them is illegal, do they? Way to keep up with the law, guys.


Chicken shits all. I heard part of the recordings and you could just hear the back stroking on the radio. If they are so proud of the fact that they dont have a gun and wish everyone else not to have one, then put up the damn sign. Or STFU.


Typical hypocrites. If your house is safer without a gun as most of these morons claim then why not advertise it. Many even claim you’re safer without a gun if your house is broken into because the criminal will either get it from you or you’ll shoot your eye out kid.


They do some good work over there. I stay away from putting stuff on the credit card though. Now if they had paypal, I could help out.

Not so silent

The sign should simply read…”Intelligence Free”


Like I said on another thread, every “Gun Free Zone” should be renamed “Target Rich Environment”!
Then we’ll see how the leftists react.


The median in front of the house is PUBLIC property……just sayin.


Journ-O-listers are corrupt media figures who are unAmerican to the core. They don’t understand this nation, they never will, & barely deserve the freedoms & protections that our constitution spells out.

Of course they don’t want to advertise the fact that their home is gun free, thus making it a juicy target for criminals. Oh, would someone keep an eye on this story to see if anyone featured refusing these signs tries applying for a gun permit.


Even they want people to think theres a gun behind the door.


That may be because there IS a gun there.