Look who’s refusing to compromise to avoid The Fiscal Cliff. The left is urging Obama to say “I won” again. “…several Democratic lawmakers have suggested that the correct approach would be to let the country go over the fiscal cliff, since that will only strengthen Obama’s position. ‘It’s a hand Democrats are looking forward to playing.'” Fine, go ahead and jump.

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Wealth tax instead of an income tax & you will hear the Buffet’s, Gates’, & the Rockefellers scream bloody murder. You would see the mass exidous of money & wealth offshore.


Fine raise taxes on the wealthiest 2%, but we want Obamacare repealed in it’s entirety, and congress and the Potus must adopt the Ryan plan to fix SS, medicaid/medicare and cut ALL other government spending by 50% and get rid of every new regulation the Obama administration put into place and undo everything that they have done over the last 4 years.


I didn’t see this plan in his little picturebook. I believe the only honest thing Obama ever said was in the last debate when he looked at Mitt Romney and uttered, “Mine’s not as big as yours.”


Yep, we’ve gone backwards to medieval times. Bend the knee and swear fealty or lose your head. Forward, hope, change and transparency; redefined.

Joe Redfield

BO can neither spell nor pronounce ‘compromise’ correctly, and apparently he thinks it means ‘I get everything I want and you get nothing’.