How dumb are MSNBC viewers? This dumb.

by editor on January 7, 2011

Last week liberals intentionally misinterpreted a new study that seemed to indicate that Fox News viewers are dumber than viewers of other networks. Jealous of the attention its competitor was getting, MSNBC this week went out of its way to show that it thinks its viewers have the intellectual development of second graders.

Debt ceiling. Two simple words, one simple phrase. It’s not all that difficult a concept to comprehend. Unless, apparently, you’re a viewer of MSNBC in which case it has to explained to you in excrutiatingly simple terms.

In this clip MSNBC reporter Richard Lui plays the role of “spending” and acts out what would happen if the debt ceiling is raised. After watching his remarkably nuanced performance, we can’t decide if he’s using the Stanislawski Method or the Strasberg Method.

The only conclusion we can draw from this clip is that the M in MSNBC must stand for Moron.

Source: National Journal,

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Hey Stevo!!! There’s more in that liberal playbook of yours, isn’t there? You haven’t covered all of the standard liberal lines. You’re slippin’.


Most MSNBC viewers aren’t quite as stupid as this stevo chick here, but they do all seem to have a lot of spare vitriol. Getting these all worked up is my favorite pass-the-time. My can of vitriol hasn’t been opened yet. It 20-W-12 and I so look forward to putting it to use.