Negotiating with the Iranians is “like playing chess with monkeys”

by editor on November 1, 2009

Monkeys can be mean little sons of bitches

Monkeys can be mean little sons of bitches

Britain and other European Union nations are having trouble negotiating with the missilized mullahs of Iran. Who’d a thunk?

“It’s like playing chess with a monkey,” said one diplomat close to the talks. “You get them to checkmate, and then they swallow the king.”

Two points:

First, if an American diplomat had uttered those words, he would immediately be removed from his position and forced to apologize for comparing the fine, upstanding mullahs to monkeys.

Second, the idiot Europeans obviously haven’t tried America’s super successful approach. Just give them a big, wide grin and a hearty handshake and insult your own country.

Works every time for President Obama.

Source: Telegraph UK

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Battle of the Animals!

Iran has its Monkey moves and Obama has his pack of Lemmings! Who will win? I think the Obama Lemmings will march off a cliff first, long before any progress gets made with Iran’ Monkeys. Too bad Barry will try to get the rest of the USA to force march off that cliff too…

Events were less complex when its was just the wolf in sheep’s clothing, Obama, since Barry has long taken off the sheep skin.

Newsflash: Obama appoints ‘Chess Czar’ and puts him in charge of all foreign policy.


A word of warning…Chess was invented in Persia many years ago. Be very carefull when trying to out play the Iranians at their own game.

Pat from Michigan

On behalf of PETA I must protest this unfair characterization of monkeys who may occasionally revert to cannibalism but other than that are pretty darn civilized.