New York Times reports that pro-illegal alien protests are growing (from four people to five)

by editor on May 23, 2010


You could fit some pro-amnesty protests in a phone booth. If you could find a phone booth.

The New York Times routinely ignores massive conservative protests because they’re just too darn busy covering ridiculously small liberal protests.

For example, reporter Julia Preston wrote a glowing 780-word story earlier this year about a four-student march from Miami to Washington, D.C. in support of illegal immigrant students.

This week Preston upped the ante, writing about a five student sit-in at John McCain’s Arizona office. The story was deemed significant enough to include photo of the squatting students.

In an escalation of protest tactics, five immigrants dressed in caps and gowns held a sit-in on Monday at the Tucson offices of Senator John McCain, calling on him to sponsor legislation to open a path to legal status for young illegal immigrants.

Four of the protesters, including three who are in the country illegally, were arrested Monday evening on misdemeanor trespassing charges. The three were expected to face deportation proceedings.

And as if she Preston was worried that you may have missed her earlier story about the four student march, she referred back to it:

Illegal immigrant students have become increasingly public in their protests in recent months, as the prospects for an immigration overhaul faded in Washington. Four immigrant students walked from Miami to Washington, arriving in late April. So far, immigration authorities have not moved to detain student protesters.

Good lord. Why, at the rate these protests are growing, they could be up to ten, maybe twelve people in no time at all. And that’s what the New York Times calls front page news.

Source:, New York Times

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if the illegal immagrants come out to protest we can deport them all with out having to search for them its brilliant


I heard it helps when you protest in ENGLISH… :-0


“MAKE US LEGAL!!” “how bout we deport you?” “… ay coño” they didnt think that through did they -.-


Ya know, I could almost swear that there was some sort of “path” for illegal immigrants to gain ctizenship already on the books…