They’re not “illegal aliens” anymore. They’re now “displaced foreign travelers”

by editor on July 25, 2010

marijuana displaced foreign traveler

The garden grown by displaced foreign traveler Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez

Gone are the days when you could call an illegal alien an illegal alien. Also gone are the days when you could call a drug dealer a drug dealer.

As far as the U.S. Forest Service, that combination now earns you the dignified title of “displaced foreign traveler”.

The Redding Searchlight takes a hilarious look at the neologistic news:

Just a typical foreign tourist visiting California, Gauldry Almonte-Hernandez must have spent a day at the San Diego Zoo and taken in the Venice Boardwalk, then driven up foggy, twisty and beautiful Highway 1 to take in the sights of San Francisco. After shopping in Chinatown, dining in North Beach and admiring the street theater around Pier 39, he headed north to see the world-famous coastal redwoods.

But something went horribly wrong.

On the road to the Lady Bird Johnson Grove, he must have taken a wrong turn on Highway 36. Once up in the rugged mountains of Trinity County, anyone can get lost. Cell coverage is spotty. Gas stations and supplies are scarce. The poor gentleman’s vacation went terribly wrong, and the next thing you know, he found himself camped out at a remote marijuana plantation south of Hayfork.

At least, that’s the impression a reader might get from a U.S. Forest Service news release, sent out to the media Tuesday morning, about a marijuana raid earlier this month. It describes Almonte-Hernandez as a “displaced foreign traveler from Michoacán, Mexico.”

Strangely, though, this poor displaced traveler — far from welcoming his rescue by the Forest Service, Trinity County Sheriff’s Department and Bureau of Narcotic Enforcement — instead reportedly tried to flee and hide as those agency’s officers arrived at the marijuana “garden,” which contained more than 7,000 plants.

A Forest Service law-enforcement dog team ran down Almonte-Hernandez, who, the Forest Service says, faces a federal charge of manufacturing a controlled substance that, if he is convicted, could carry a 10-year prison sentence.

Is that any way to treat a displaced foreign traveler?

Look for Eric Holder to dismiss all charges against Almonte-Hernandez. And don’t be surprised if the Forest Service transforms Smokey the Bear into Tokey the Bear.

H/T: Weasel Zippers

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Luis Gonzalez

In one of many policy shifts designed to begin the move toward reforming the nation’s immigration laws, the Obama administration will announce that undocumented foreign workers living within our borders will no longer be labeled “illegal aliens” but will henceforth be referred to as “unregistered Democrats.


Real Michoacán weed? Now that’s a bush Half-Cracker™ Obama wouldn’t bash. 😉


“displaced foreigner” LOL they went for hike thru the hot dessert and somehow ended up in AZ? PLEASE! I am sick of these liberals, liberals is a dirty word today, so now they call themselves “progressives”. AMERICA WAKE THAT HELL UP OR WE WILL LOOSE OUR FREEDOM! My parents came over from Cuba searching for freedom ( the LEGAL WAY)…. yes I know, I guess I am also a racists! I respect the laws of ANY Country, and I expect others to follow OUR LAWS!


And then got turned around and headed northwest instead of south, only to end up further from Mexico than he started. He must have been brokenhearted to find he was in Northern Californa instead of back on his way home.


We will still call them Illegal Aliens in Arizona. What are we supposed to call the “Drug Dealers” now “UN-licensed Pharmacists” ?


That crap is too long for anyone to say, do they expect for that title to stick? Please.

This is the problem that I have with these people, it is not that they are immigrants it is that they are breaking a law AND THEN breaking numerous other laws and then I am supposed to feel bad for them?!


…like liberals are a “soon-to-be displaced intellectually-challenged and morally-creative political minorty group”.


Can I use this? Its perfect


And here is the perfect story of the perfect Immigrants, coming to AMerica to have a better life, and to send money to his starving familiy in Mexico. Go Arizona!


liberals love euphemisms

Mountain biker 21

“Illegal Democrats” is more to the point.

Elrond Hubbard

“Displaced foreign traveller” (illegal alien dope grower), “Man caused disaster” (terrorism), “oversea contingency operation” (military response to terrorism); no one can mangle the English language like a liberal bureaucrat. As words lose their meaning we lose our freedom.


Control the language & cotrol the arguement. It’s that simple.


[…] See the article here: They’re not “illegal aliens” anymore. They’re now “displaced foreign travelers” […]


The Progressives have discovered that the use of mislabeling just in itself can control the conversation and outcome of the interaction… And they use it to the extreme. It’s called Critical Theory and Critical Thinking, Lawyers have adopted this and have used it to get murderers and Rapists off for years… Just by labeling him a “Displaced Foreign Traveler” implants reasonable doubt into the mind of the weak and liberal minded thinker…


It’s called “displacia! Si! Si!