Obama admits his socialist agenda revolution is kaput if Coakley loses

by editor on January 19, 2010

Comrade Obama knows his socialist revolution is kaput if Martha Coakley loses the Massachusetts senate race. Obama admits it to a Massachusetts rally and Fox News’ Carl Cameron provides the analysis.

Obama: We’ve got so much work left to do. And, as much progress as we’ve made, I can’t do it alone. I need leaders like Martha by my side so that we can kick it into high gear; so that we can finish what we’ve started.

Cameron: For what’s at stake. President Obama himself has now said that he needs this win because the country’s ability to move forward or back is at stake. A broad sweeping statement that essentially encompasses not only his health care agenda, his economic plans, as well as his green energy proposals. All of these things hinging on whether or not Martha Coakley is elected as a democrat, thus protecting the 60 vote majority.”

Who ever thought that the death of Teddy Kennedy would lead directly to the death of socialism in the United States?

Or perhaps we should say, this version of socialism. Because, unfortunately, socialism is like a vampire. You can kill it a thousand times over, but unless you drive a stake through it’s heart, it keeps coming back to life.

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Eric Wehder

It’s not comrade OBama, it’s Chairman OBama.


The arrogance is astonishing. This guy actually looks down his nose at people. Just look at him up there.

Bush looked you straight in the eyes and said what he had to say and in 8 years of Bush teh most arrogant statement we got was after the 2004 election in which he said, “I have political capital and I intend to use it.” That is it!!! This other clown has been in office all of one year and he is convinced he is the freaking messiah!! The liberals sicken me and the knowledge that they would nominate someone like this for the presidency tells me that they may actually be in their final stages of life.


It seems obvious now that he saw the writing on the wall as it were. He is so arrogant and vain that he thought that by showing up his adoring throng will rush to the polls to help his cause. He is lame…

Always On Watch

Hmmm….Does BHO smell defeat?


“I need more leaders like Martha…”

…who will vote as their told to!

A new def. of leadership.