Obama introduces Alinsky Rule #13: Create successes that cannot be measured

by editor on March 16, 2009

rules for radicals 13Remember the movie “Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark?” Indy found an ancient artifact that had been lost for thousands of years.

Well, slap a snappy fedora on the president and call him Indiana Obama, because he’s discovered socialist Saul Alinsky’s long-lost 13th Rule for Radicals. It is “Create successes that cannot be measured or disproved.”

Presidents used to say, “My plan will create X jobs?” Our new president says, “My plan will create or save X jobs.”

Every time he says it, the compliant media nod enthusiastically, scribble down that day’s number, and hope like hell reporters are among the ones that are saved.

For God’s sake, people, would someone please ask this guy how to measure this new statistical category he’s invented called “Jobs Saved.”

Thanks to this magical new “Jobs Saved” category, Obama can make up any number he damn well pleases. Even if jobs don’t budge an inch in the next four years, he’ll happily announce, “Due to our policies, we have saved 4 million jobs.”

To complete the analogy, Indiana Jones was afraid of snakes. So are we. Especially when they’re in the White House.

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V Davisson
V Davisson

About time somebody pointed this out. It’s been driving me nuts. And the bobblehead media just prints it like it’s from the oracle of Delphi.

Jim Treacher

Still have a job? Obama saved it!

Robbins Mitchell
Robbins Mitchell

In other words lie your ass off and dare the opposition to prove you wrong


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