Oscar crisis: They’ve run out of colors for red carpet ribbons

by editor on February 23, 2009

whiteknot250x250Last night at the Oscars, they broke out white “knots” in support of gay marriage.

We can only assume that’s because white ribbons had already been used by too many other causes — safe motherhood, awareness of violence against women, teen pregnancy, and a host of others.

The fact is, there’s a colored ribbon crisis in Hollywood. Ever since this fad started with yellow ribbons for the Iran hostages, we’ve seen colored ribbon after colored ribbon supporting one cause after another. How are we supposed to know what cause they want us to support if each color supports multiple causes?

Are those black ribbons for the death of princess Diana, victims of Hurrricane Katrina, or melanoma awareness?

Are those blue ribbons for child abuse or prostrate cancer?

Do the green ribbons support for environmental causes or farm families?

And the purple ribbons. Are they for Alzheimer’s or epilepsy?

But here’s one thing we do know: The stars should have been wearing black-and-blue ribbons to support Rihanna.

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