John Gibson: Huffington Post better lawyer up!

by Administrator on February 23, 2009

John Gibson has come out firing against everyone involved in creating, posting and circulating the now infamous, doctored audio clip that leads listeners to believe Gibson had attributed the “bright blue scrotum” of an escaped monkey to Attorney General Eric Holder.

“Nobody, nobody involved in this should rest easy right now,” Gibson said. “Hearst Argyle, the multi-billion dollar television ownership group, whose employee John Sanders actually created the fake tape, Arrianna Huffington whose Huffington Post passed the fake quote on to the rest of the world, TVNewswer, the TV industry gossip blog, which also acted as a conduit–they all should think about lawyering up. I am not done with this.”

Update: We just found this interview from last Friday’s Breibart.TV’s “B-Cast ‘Anatomy of a Smear’: How the ‘Doctored’ John Gibson Audio Was Revealed.” In this video, the hosts are joined by Johnny Dollar (of Johnny Dollar’s Place) and Steve Krakaeur (of TV Newser). Plus they featured their extended interview with the TV reporter who ‘doctored’ the audio on his John Gibson YouTube post.

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