Surprise! Surprise! ObamaCare advocate finds out Canadians hate their socialized healthcare

by editor on August 13, 2009

Paul Krugman, the New York Times Nobel Prize-winning columnist and left wing lunatic, is wrong again. As usual.

During a healthcare debate at Rockefeller Center on September 16, Krugman decided to demonstrate the superiority of the Canadian healthcare system. He asked all the Canadians in the audience to raise their hands. Seven hands went up in the air.

That’s where Krugman should have stopped. Instead, he asked how many of our northern neighbors think they have a terrible healthcare system.

Oops. Never mind.


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jalex is right on! If you look at the statistics of WHAT Americans are dying from, then you get the Big Picture! In just one generation we have become obese (66% of us), we still smoke way too much, drink like a fish, abuse legal and illegal drugs, our youth die in car crashes, and don’t even get me started on the children killed in Chicago just this year!! (great choice for the Olympics, BTW -not!) The obesity rate is an epidemic of colossal proportions that contributes more to the decline of our health than any other issue…it leads to diabetes, heart disease, sleep apnea and a host of other illnesses (AND masks other illnesses/diseases) that will begin the descent towards death! I read not long ago that there are now more deaths from legal drugs than illegal drugs. (internet Rx to blame for a lot) Sad to say, I’ve lost 2 close and dear friends to it…accidental, but still gone…42 & 48 years old (middle & upper-middle class white collar). Look at Oregon…50% of all kids in foster care are there because of parental meth addiction!!! I could go on and on…Americans want a magic fix-it pill to make everything better…well, it ain’t gonna happen people! Be responsible with your choices in regards to your health and lifestyle. Never before have we Americans had so much information at our fingertips in regards to nutrition, exercise and help with medical info on the internet, and yet, here we are at the center of health care debate. We do have the best health care in the world, although it clearly needs fixing, that we can all agree on, but to what degree I guess we’ll have to wait and see. Not to bash our great friends to the north, but personally I would be very afraid if I thought I had cancer…death rates are 25% higher than here because of the horrible wait times for diagnosis. Unacceptable in this day and age and I feel for the Canadians who must wait in what can only be described as agonizingly slow.


Right, because some small group of people at a single conference are representative of my entire god damn country?

Hate to break your bubbles, but the majority of Canadians are satisfied with their health care. And we live longer, healthier lives on average than you.

Grow a brain please.


If you keep that up, you can forget about becoming the 51st state.


Oh no you just didn’t. Did you even LOOK at that survey? Is this a joke? Did you see the high responses about the surgery wait getting longer? Did you not notice the high percentage that say they are likely to experience a medical ERROR while under the care of Canadian Drs. How could you miss the facts?

And then there’s the enviro slant to the survey. Junk Food banned in schools, pollution is making me sicker, blah, blah, blah. Granted, this was a 2006 study, but do we really think anything has improved greatly?


the reason canadians live longer than americans has nothing to do with healthcare its because we have the highest obesity rates in the world, we are more likely to die in a car accident, and we are more likely to be murdered. maybe you should grow a brain


Any experiment that yeilds a valid result is a good experiment. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if he realized that just maybe he was wrong about how much Canadians love their healthcare system? I know it will never happen… if the answer isn’t what you wanted I guess you have to change the question until it fits.


Id call Krugman a tool, but you can do something with a tool. A tool has some use. Krugman is just taking up space and consuming oxygen.

Funny how when a liberal discovers a truth that goes against his theory, he is dissapointed. Any other right thinking person would look on that event as an opportunity to learn and adjust accordingly.

Liberalism is gutless! -Rush