Ronald Reagan speaks to the ’64 Republican convention

by editor on March 23, 2009

Thanks to the folks at for reminding us of that moment in history when Ronald Reagan was thrust upon the national stage.

“It occurs to me having just watched this,” Mofo said, “that Barack Obama isn’t regarded as so charismatic and articulate because he is so charismatic and so articulate, but because he is so charismatic and so articulate in comparison to those politicians he has had the good fortune to run against.”

No fancy production values. No special effects. No overpaid speech writers. Just Ronald Reagan being Ronald Reagan.


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Is it really just been a bit over 25 years since he was President… dang… I don’t care if people don’t like what I am about to say…. I have heard many many speeches of his and I got to tell you he could very easily be considered a prophet. I heard a speech he did on healthcare and I almost freaked the heck out. It was as if he was talking about Obama as if he was still alive and he was aware of our present situation. That is NOT normal. A person who does that in my opinion is a prophet (or has prophet like qualities) and was inspired by a Higher Power to say what he said. I read Biblical prophets like Isaiah who do tell of people who will tell us the truth and will prophesy about the future, but many will not hear nor want to understand. Glenn Beck in many aspects is doing it as well and many people do not want to hear nor understand.


You state facts, as usual. Reagan’s Great Communicator moniker stems from his ability to connect directly to each listener in a distinct way. Always left you with an impression of significant import. He always shot straight at the target and did seem to know how and where things were going and that our existence could be easily upturned, so we would serve ourselves protecting the legacy given to us.

Always a pleasure, KQ!


I finally saw this speech a few years ago.. It is hugely impressive. I was reminded to look it up because of the Challenger anniversary today

(to my surprise GOOG put this page at top for ‘Reagan 64 speech’, though maybe tailored to me somehow)

I believe there’s a sane core to both conservative and progressive philosophies.. its just that the partisan wings have gone f-kkingg insane


And that is the whole point many “voters” miss. It isn’t about how has a D or R after their name, it is about the person running for office and what they believe. I had never voted for a Republican candidate until I voted for Ronald Reagan. And it was Jimmy “The Peanut Farmer” Carter that forced me to look at who was running for public office, from the local elections on up. And that is the only thing about his administration I would thank him for.

Since then I have voted for Democrap, Republicant, Independent, even a Green Party candidate in a state election, because of what they said and what they believed was the best for my community, county, state and country. And this is where I think our laws need to change. I should be allowed to register as an Independent instead of democrat or republican and vote for whoever I think will do the best job of protecting our interests. In the primary elections you have to vote your party affiliation, D or R, and cannot vote if you register as anything else and that is wrong! Especially in local elections!


Most likely the last great American President.