San Francisco museum airs film calling for white genocide: “Why Don’t We Murder More White People” celebrated by left-wing lunatics. Alternate title: Why Don’t We Start a Race War?

San Francisco, the poop capital of world, is also home to the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, a “museum” that’s currently airing an anti-white film entitled, Why Don’t We Murder More White People, which focuses on exactly what its name suggests.

Created by a white-hating racist named Jonathan Garcia, Why Don’t We Murder More White People features a slew of black and brown people basically griping about how much they hate white people and want to see them eradicated from the planet.

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Not so silent
Not so silent

I think it’s way past time to Declare San Franshitco a terrorist organization and nuke it….


CNN later tonight: “This film is a predictable reaction to the flagrant racism of Donald Trump… and his Russian backers.”

Not so silent
Not so silent

The 1906 quake was 113 years premature…