Shep Smith goes apesh*t on the air, screams “We are America. We don’t f*cking torture.”

by editor on April 23, 2009

Shephard Smith probably wishes he could take back an exchange he had yesterday on Fox News. The anchor got, shall we say, a little heated during a discussion with Trace Gallagher and Andrew Napolitano.

He said, and we quote, “We are America! I don’t give a rat’s ass if it helps! We are America! We do not f*cking torture!”

Immediately after the outburst, Shep got very quiet. We imagine his director must have been screaming some equally color language into his earpiece.

We have one question for you, Mr. Smith. If torture is not allowed in America, how does Keith Olbermann stay on the air?

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When does waterboarding become an effective tool to gain vital information? Never?
Here is a mental exercise. Suppose a gang of thugs kidnapped your family. They threaten to kill them all if you don’t meet their demands and are given a deadline. You have been given strict instructions not to involve the authorities or they will kill your family instantly. Being clever, you capture one of the thugs but every effort to locate the others or your family is futile. You find you cannot meet their demands and the deadline is drawing closer. Do you

1) Sing “Kumbaya” while holding hands with the thug?
2) Plead tearfully for him to tell you where the others took your family?
3) Write your family off as lost?
4) Waterboard the sob?

I can just hear ‘ole Shep clearing his throat while tuning the guitar.


Saw a funny clip of Joy Behr & Ann Coulter discussing this very subject. Joy of course was against waterboarding, Ann’s very witty reply was something along the lines of “Why don’t you submit yourself to an abortion.” Funny how libs are ok with abortion, but not waterboarding. I thought it was brilliant!


This f*cking idiot is always doing this kind of stuff on the air. Remember the famous “Blow Job” Lopez line? This guy is a dumbass, yet it’s pretty damn entertaining and that’s why he’s still working there.


[…] Prior to the CDC declaring a world-wide aporkalypse, pundits were exhausting themselves in an indignation marathon in response to the Bush Torture Memos. Self-righteous posturing burns a lot of calories after all. […]


I agree you’d make a great professor.


> then yes, you could be right.

good, i’m glad you agree with me.


I can see you’re only interested in scoring “points” rather than actually addressing the real-world ramifications of academic theories or answering others’ questions.

Here’s one for you, if you care enough to deal with real-world situations: Do you think having one’s limbs blown off by a suicide bomber can be torture? And do you think it’s worth inflicting anxiety on a known murderer to prevent further acts of murder and mayhem?

The “harmless caterpillar” admin comment that you consider ignorant was also followed by a qualifier: “If you think this rises to the level of torture performed by those who are guilty of real torture, you are living in a land of delusion.”

I understand you’d like to “win” debate points, but the issue is not as black and white as you and Shep would like to make it.

So regardless of whether you answer my questions (it doesn’t really matter to me), I’ll answer yours: It comes down to a matter of degrees. The word torture has been cheapened to include acts of abuse and humiliation. Although no one seems willing to define it, in most cases torture means inflicting severe pain. However, it can also include great mental suffering or anxiety. So as to the caterpillar, in most cases that would be a no. But if you want to equate maiming with panic, then yes, you could be right. Feel safer now?

You’re welcome.


i can see you didn’t do very well in debate class.

let’s try again, shall we?

do you think putting someone with a caterpillar can be torture?

yes or no will do, thanks.