Socialist hypocrite Michael Moore to take Michigan tax credit he strongly condemned others for taking

by editor on February 2, 2010

In George Orwell’s Animal Farm, all pigs are equal, but some pigs are more equal than others.

In the case of Michael Moore, some slobs are more equal than other slobs.

Moore’s most recent effort, Capitalism: A Love Story, took aim at businesses that used shelters to avoid paying taxes and took government bailouts during the market crash.

The thing is, Moore used similar tactics, taking advantage of a Michigan tax break to fund the making of his film–which raked in millions, by the way. Michigan taxpayers–already hit hard with the collapsing auto industry–were left holding the funny money bag for that one.

Maybe the taxpayers should pull together for the sequel, Socialism, a Fraud Story.


– Written by Sven Waring

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Over this past *week, I have been reflecting alittle on on the hypocrisy of this man. You see, the county I live in, was born in, has always been a stanch and dominat Red at election time, even when the majority of the south half of my *peninsula has always swung Blue. Yet, even though our state is in really bad shape, our county has fared well enough to be a low crime/high wealth area. Which in turn encouraged people to migrate here and that skewed the crime rate, which increases along with the unemployement rate. With this background setting I wonder why Michael Moore came here in the first place. This was a Republican part of the state when he came here, why would he bring his ideas of anti-Republican, anti-business to an area that was doing quite well benefitting from it? Only now, 5 years later, are things turning sharply and sadly to the left here, and I wonder if that wasnt the plan all along? (I say sharply because although this area has had leftist leanings it has really begun a downward spiral that has been noticable in the last 5 yrs. or so)


This man is a blight. Everything he produces is designed to divide and distance people from one another. His films are carefully edited to make it seem people have said one thing, when they really said something else. And rails against how big business is destroying peole while he hauls in millions of dollars on films that cost next to nothing. But anyone else who makes money is a big bad wolf. And J.Peck, the definition of a slob is one who appears dirty and unkempt. Michel fits that description.


Maybe next time I’ll just call him a retard.




Jabba the Moore


This man has money on his own he did not need the tax incentive. He disgusts me. He should have put his film out there for free. Will he put the money back? Of course not. Why do people subscribe to this man?


KQ, No he won’t put it out for free. Should he? I see where you are coming from, but we still have a free market of sorts…for now. The thing you gotta understand that socialism is for the people, NOT the socialist. Moore is an excelent example of this. Moore denounces capitalism & large corperations, but not long ago Peter Schweizer dug into his tax returns & discovered he owned shares in companies like Halliburton, it’s in his book “Do As I Say, Not As I Do”. Moore says one thing does another, it’s not a shock, just Al Gore, Nancy Pelsoi, Noam Chomsky, & other big leftists who tell us how we should do things, but they never practice what they preach.


If he REALLY cared about what he said he should have put the movie out for free to make the point AND he should have never taken the tax incentive. However that is the main point isn’t it? He does things that contradict his philosophy, yet he EXPECTS others who are beneath him to practice his philosophy and he even wants his philosophy to be implemented, even if by force, to the people beneath him. It is hypocrisy of the worst kind.

J Peck

I am no fan of Mr. Moore, but I think calling him a slob only detracts from your site and not him. Your comments have been getting unusually acerbic lately and I think you might want to seriously consider toning them down a notch. Just an observation.


Slob : A person regarded as slovenly, crude, or obnoxious.
While I tend to agree with your sentiment, how a person comports themselves publicly is intertwined with their viewpoint, and philosophy. While the opinion that he is a slob may not be directly related to pointing out his hypocrisy I think a strong argument can be made for it’s accuracy.