Welcome back, McCotter: So this is what hope and change looks like

by editor on March 24, 2010

Thaddeus McCotter, one of our favorite congressmen, notes that Hope & Change has degenerated into Tax & Hate. We’ve never heard him sound quite so serious.

Give ‘em hell, Thad.

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He tells it like it is? He didn’t actually SAY anything. A lot of pretty Rhetoric, but this doesn’t tell me what’s wrong with the bill, or what the problem is. It was accusative, but not substantiating.

Can someone point me to some factual data of what’s really the problem here, that you know, has… like… facts? Specific ones? I’m trying to formulate an opinion and understand the issues with the president and specifically this healthcare bill.

Thank you.


This is a speech that should be force fed to every government employee, but twice to every Senator, Congressman, and especially to anyone in the White House staff. There is absolutely no understanding away from the Northeastern big cities and California that the rest of the country is completely disenfranchised. Our voice is lost in the wilderness. I am not stunningly happy with ANYONE in congress (except maybe this guy.) I don’t care what your party is, you are MY voice in the government. And I simply don’t think that is how it is playing out. Look at the last few years of the Roman empire, Of the British Empire. Of the Beginnings of the American Revolution. And look in the Founding Fathers directions to us all. If the government is out of control, and no longer speaks for us, we have not only the right, but the duty to rebel and overthrow that government. May it never come to that in America, but folks are getting edgy.

Hal (GT)

Kudos for him for saying all that. But can we get it repealed? I’ve been totally shocked by the way the liberals are talking now that it’s passed. It’s as if they are attempting to incite. Don’t give in to it. Hold the line and preach peace. And I would suggest get out of all debt because I don’t think this economic roller coaster ride is anywhere close to being over.

Jack Welsh

I loved how defeated his demeanor was…. pretty much said it all… Just saying “No” gets you nowhere but… defeated, sad, discouraged and empty.


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David Wyatt

Wow. So well-said. What a refreshing change to be heard out of Washington!


I think he is the best congressperson right now. I always enjoy the Red Eye episodes with him he most. I hope he never dissapoints.

Pat from Michigan

I am in total agreement with you. Give me a Red Eye episode with Thaddeus anytime. Unfortunately he is not my representative here in Michigan, but then neither is Stupak.


Poetry. Devastatingly truthful poetry.

Ryan/McCotter in 2012!!


I am now practically in love with this man.


I love Thaddeus McCotter. He always tells it like it is, and he has a wicked sense of humor.