Let us be the first to say it: Paul Ryan for President

by editor on March 24, 2010

Intelligent. Personable. Strong conservative. Great speaker even without a Teleprompter. Telegenic. Patriot.

Paul Ryan for President 2012.

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Tell everyone you know to jump on the Ryan bandwagon right now. Look, we are probably too late already. It’s time to get serious!


and im happy to say i voted for paul ryan


CO2 always has so many insightful things to say.


Sam will be back later he’s busy circle jerking with his libtard buddies.


Sarah Palin!!!!! She’s super neat-o. You betch!

Dee Mac

Sam, are you just not getting noticed at Daily Kos? Come over here to belittle Conservatives, and score some points with the dried up old hippies you call friends? Well, while you are here why don’t you try being open minded, listen to the conversations and learn from people who do think. We are not a bunch of parrots, as your lefty friends would have you believe, and we deeply care about the fate of this nation. So, be snarky, but please don’t get offended when we out you.

There are folks here who respect Sarah Palin and think that the media and left’s treatment of her has been appaling, and indefensibly rude. By the way, you are increasing IHTM’s traffic and comments! I am sure the Admin appreciate the support – atta boy.


Yes I do Dee Mac. We love the Sams of the world. 🙂


Then there are a lot of folks, including a lot of republicans that think she is a disaster.

Let’s watch some clips: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NrzXLYA_e6E

If you wouldn’t want to go to a doctor that wasn’t well educated why would you think it’s a good thing to have someone who has no idea even what her job title meant as your leader?


I would vote for Paul Ryan ! , but how about Paul Ryan and Mike Pence as running mates ,with these two WE THE PEOPLE couldnt loose !

Sue Palmer

Let’s recruit him now!

I’ve started a Facebook page today.

Become a Fan!


I like Paul Ryan, but I LOOOOOVE what New Jersey Governor Chris Christie is doing & the reaction he is getting from the left. He is my pick as of right now.


The love fest for Scott Brown seems to have dissipated. I will not be nominating someone for the Presidency in my mind yet, someone who hasn’t really done anything important or meaningful. He does give good speeches though. He sounds okay, he looks good and he resonates with me. I just think that Obama was a good wake up call to a lot of people. Looking good and sounding good is not good enough.

I need to hear plans and ideas and how to implement these ideas. Let’s see what this guy has to offer.

In fantasy world though I can only imaging how awesome this country would be if Jack Bauer was President.

jim padilla

Sorry, I’ve been saying it for about a year 😉


Good speech.

The Obumbly Obomster

Paul Ryan?? I want Jack Ryan (for those of you who have read Tom Clancy’s books”.