The revolt of the Kulaks. “History tells us, however, that economic redistribution plans fail because the producers of society would rather not produce, than have the fruits of their production taken away and given to others. Obama can raise the tax rates on income, but he cannot force people to generate income to be taxed.” A brief history of how Obamunist ideas worked in the now-defunct USSR. The article is from 2009, but is worth revisiting in light of Dear Leader’s recent “victory.”

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So, what will they do when the producers stop producing, and just sit on their wealth?
Wealth tax! It has already been mentioned. Simply tax them on what they have, not what they are earning!
It doesn’t matter that they already paid taxes on the money when they earned it, the Obama regime needs the money, and will tax them again and again until there is nothing left to tax!


I got a letter from the local real estate agent today about them wanting to eliminate the homeowner’s interest deduction, too. The way Obama’s going I’d predict that he’s going to run out of money before the next election.

As an aside, I wrote “you can thank Obama for this” with an arrow to the article and sent it to a friend who voted for Obama. That’s what you call being a prick.

I also laid off another person today who I’m pretty sure voted for Obama and Jerry Brown and all the Democrats. I blamed Obama, Jerry Brown and all the Democrats and mentioned the additional taxes I’ll be paying if the Bush tax cuts cease to exist and 15% increase in Worker’s Comp in California and Jerry Brown’s tax the rich tax scam as big parts of the reason she’s gone. Called no money.


It’s called going Galt.

Not so silent

They won’t believe it if they read it, there are no unicorn farts, and fairy dust mentioned in the report giving liberals nothing to hang their hat on.

Joe Redfield

Learn from history? No proper Progressive would ever be caught dead doing that.


Maybe, but rewriting history is something Progressives are excelent at doing.


I doubt they even look at the lines they delete, before writing the new copy.

matthew s harrison

Obama and his followers are ignorant of history-especially the younger generations who didn’t get history in school-rather they got “social studies”, a watered down and tarted up revisionist class, whereby the NEA et al, push agenda through social views, rather than fact based on historic occurrence. In the end, all these young people who think socialism/communism is cool, because their weed smoking professors say it is, are going to be surprised.

For in a communist society, everyone works-and if they don’t, they go to the gulag. When Mr. Obama has to start shipping people off, all his voters who lay around all day smoking meth bought with their EBT cards, that they drove a government provided car to pick up, from their government provided home, will be in the hospital, provided by the government, and then will be shipped off to the gulag to languish in jail, since they refuse to work.

In a communist society, no one is immune from the hand of the rulers, other than the rich, who get special privilege. Money is the only thing that buys that in a commie society. All the obamabots who think they will get special privilege for giving barry their votes, will get 16 hour work days, and if they refuse, the gulag.

Ohhhh the humanity and the looks on these retards’ faces when they realize the err of their ways in re-electing the emperor. When they are in box-cars heading off to the gulag, and when their kids are in the coal mines like in NK and the USSR, they will be beside themselves. To be a fly on that wall!