United Nations Environmental Ambassador building a 20,000 square foot mansion

by editor on April 26, 2010

That new 20,000 square foot house is only the second most impressive structure in Tom Brady's life

The Boston Herald asks, “What kind of U.N. environmental ambassador builds a 20,000 square-foot home with a six-car garage, an elevator and a lagoon?”

But we ask a different question: What kind of boneheads hire a jetsetting supermodel as an environmental ambassador and actually expect her to act like something other than a jetsetting supermodel?

Turns out the boneheads are the United Nations and the supermodel is Gisele Bundchen.

Bundchen and New England Patriots quarterback husband Tom Brady’s new home in Brentwood, California has greens seeing red.

The Herald reports the environmental fumble:

“How big a space do two people need?” asked Philip Dowds, a Massachusetts Sierra Club official and professional architect. “A 20,000 square-foot house – the resources that it takes to put it together and the land that it needs, this just can’t happen anymore.”

According to photos taken by Los Angeles shooter Alec Byrne, who said he got a peek at the blueprints, the new West Coast lair of the Patriots/ star quarterback and his glam wife will feature amenities including:

  • a wine bar and gallery
  • a six-car garage
  • a service kitchen and butler room
  • a pool house and lagoon-shaped swimming pool and spa
  • a recreation room with 19-foot ceiling.
  • And the manse will have an elevator – even though that seems to contradict environmental advice Bundchen offers on her own Web site to “take the stairs.”

    “In addition to exercising, you save the electric power of the elevators,” she says on giselebundchen.com, which is currently festooned with references to Earth Day.

    It’s not the first time Bundchen has taken flak for being less than fabulously energy efficient. Last year, shortly after being named to her U.N. post, the Herald’s Inside Track revealed the supermodel enjoys piloting a private helicopter.

    Meanwhile, their new two-story Mediterranean-style home could end up costing the couple $21 million, according to estimates.

Far as we’re concerned, all would be forgiven if Bundchen would just do a nude photo shoot here at IHateTheMedia.com. C’mon, Gisele, we’re just a couple hours up the coast from Brentwood.

Nudity is natural. And being environmentalists of the highest order, we love nature.

Source: Boston Herald

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Heh – I wonder why the liberal asswipes at Google disabled comments on Tommy’s public service hypocrisy? They will use their extraordinary economic power to live live a King and Queen and burn energy to satisfy their wants with reckless abandon, and there’s nothing you Sierra Clubbers can do about it.


Typical hypocrisy… you must make do with less less less, so that we can have more more more.

Just look at the mansion of Al Gore. It even has a mine in the backyard. Only thing green about these liars is their money!


and they probably use credit cards, which are usually not green


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But I, who drive no car, live alone in an 850 sq ft apartment, wash all my dishes by hand (no dishwasher), use a recycling shower head, and haven’t flown anywhere in 15 years need to clean up MY act? This is Gore telling me to reduce my carbon foorprint while he burns enough electricity to power a small town! GRRRRRRRRR! PS And I drink tap water, not bottled water. These are the examples they expect Americans to follow? God save us all!

Dee Mac

Only enough room for six cars! Maybe if they drive Smart cars (which are neither) they can fit a dozen or so in the garages.

Pittsburgh Z

Kimmy, I think that is the most blatant difference between Right & Wrong (left) in this country.

I doubt that most conservatives have a problem with this…only the irony of do as I say, not as I do.

Pittsburgh Z

I just want people to remember that since the Patriots were caught cheating that they have not won a Super Bowl.

About the house…eh, I’m sure a lot of people are earning good $$ working to build it. It is kind of funny though.


I don’t care if someone is successful enough (money wise) to make a big home for themselves and their family to enjoy (they have a child (and he has a child with another woman) and extended families), that is all good in my opinion.

What bothers me is the HYPOCRISY of this chick (and people like her) telling me that I can do with LESS whereas she herself OBVIOUSLY cannot do with less. She is not a better person than me and she is not better overall just because she got money. If she gets to live large even if it leaves a carbon footprint the size of Alaska, then she should be okay with everyone else doing the same thing. Do as I say and not as I do doesn’t work for me. The people at the UN are idiots.


i think thats the idea, we’re running out of gas, so she wants us to skimp on it so she can have some


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What’s the difference between a UN Environment Ambassador and a carp?

One is a competitive, slimy, slippery, scum-sucking, good-for-nothing creature wanting to consume everything it can get while those around it go hungry.

The other is a fish.