We can track your cell phone. We just can’t talk about it.

by editor on March 17, 2009

All that cell phone location-tracking technology you see on “24” really exists.

jack bauer

The law says we can’t use it to track terror suspects or kidnappers domestically, but can use it in foreign countries. But we can’t talk about that. At least not on the record. Or attributed. (So this is off the record. And anonymous.)

Here’s how Fox News explains it:

“Technology that tracks millions of 911 calls from cell phones in the United States every month is being deployed in Middle Eastern and Asian-Pacific countries to track terror suspects — but legal obstacles prevent widespread usage in the U.S.”

Let’s skip ahead to the last two paragraphs, which is always the best part:

U.S. military officials in Iraq and Afghanistan did not reply to requests for comment on the use of cell phone tracking there, but a source close to the matter told FOXNews.com that the practice is widely used.

“In Iraq and Afghanistan, I see [cell phone tracking technology] used all the time,” according to the source who requested anonymity due to not being authorized to speak on the matter. “I see it being used as often as a helicopter. But [military officials] don’t talk about electronic warfare, even if it’s widely used.”

Notice how the ones authorized to speak on the matter don’t comment. But you didn’t hear it from us.

Source: Fox News

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what is it with these cell phone companies ?
I have called 35 times, and cannot get these insufferable ignoramuses to remember what they just asked one question ago, but ask the same question 3, 4, and even 5 times in a row, with no resolution to the problem in sight.

why is it that only wetback ignorant assholes are employed at safelink, and trackphone, and the government pays for these stupid, stupid assholes and idiots to pretend that they can speak English or American ?
When you call with a problem, you don’t need some ignorant spick trying to fake their way through an explanation that they are probably reading out of a spanish manual or hand book.
It,s about time somebody shipped the jobs back to American on-shore companies, which would solvbe the jobless problem in big part.
Only tech support should be allowed if the techs can speak English.
I mean after all, davy crockett and company died to defend the state and the nation from the influx of spicks, didn’t he ?
He must be turning over in his grave to see what the government is doing to the greatest nation on earth, by allowing the take-over of the country by these pretenders to the rights he fought for.


dear sir
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thank you

C. Clemans

If Obama hears about this he’ll outlaw the very concept of cell phones. The idea of getting a leg up on the bad guys is anathema to the king of all liberals.


Obama won’t do anything ever but give speeches. Remember he is the one who started the free cell phones for ‘poor’ people. You know the illegal aliens, and everyone else too lazy to get a job.